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Hey Engine24355 just had a new Baby Boy


:thumbsup:Hey i just found out one of our fellow buckets heads just added another family member . Congrats Bro:hoist:
Re: Cool,,,,,,,,,Start now saving for his bucket........

Post photos.....................
Congrats now somebody needs a Tiny T.:swim:
Congratulations on the new family addition, now we need a picture and some stats.
What do you bet he was up all night ???????
Thanks guys! I have been up at night a bunch lately, but it is worth it. Our family is now complete or as I like to put it, fabrication is complete. Ethan Charles Dietzel was born on Thursday 7/9/09 at 8:02a. Ethan sports a custom made frame weighing 6 pounds and 10 ounces with a wheelbase of 18 inches. He is fully loaded and a one off creation...okay, I am getting emotional now...

Future hot rodder:


With big brother:

:yay::lol::thumbsup::egypt::bugle::hoist:Congrats man that young one brought a little moisture to my eye were proud FER YA.
Congratulations with your new arrival, the look on his older brother's face is priceless.
I know that couples now like to say "they" are pregnant but let's give a big hand to the person who did the real heavy lifting in this situation. If there is any man on this board that would like to experience 12 hours of labor, then the actual child birth (something about pushing a watermellon out either of your lower extremities), please raise your hand.

Didn't think so. Props to your wife for carrying for 9 months (that ain't no picnic) and giving birth to a wonderful baby boy.
If your going for three, try to have a girl to mix it up a little. She'd be the baby girl forever and you can spoil her rotten.

Again congrats, John.

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