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Hey LumenAL


I enjoyed the visit and the BS session, next time your in town stop by and say Howdy. I can't do much to make it warmer. I figure if I hit the gas enough and get a good bite I can move the Earth and get the sun to shine more on us and get some cold weather down south for a change. Anyhow, once again thanks for the visit. :cool:
The pleasure was all mine Al. The 50 Ford is one of those " one of these days " projects. I will get bored someday and get started. It is a bondo buggy so will Knox all that out and do some body work on it. I will more than likely finish up the 38 and use the bucket for mine ride for some time. I also would like to build a Mullins trailer and a Grandfather Clock. There in lies the problem, I need to live to at least 100 years old. :doh::eh:

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