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Hey Norseman

Ill probably end up with it, Owner is down south till april.
Must be nice! Next wheels will be the wifes ride so she gets to choose..
I should be saving my penga for that 64 impala in my future.
youngster belong to mnTz???
Wish I could afford to be Down South till April!!! Let me know if you get that F-1..

Guess I never asked Ron if he belongs to the MNTZ....
Chuck T
No guys, I'm not real big on club and organizations. I support MSRA because of their lobbying but other than that nothing. Had a bad experience with one and swore them off. This site is as close as I come.

Cool Ron, I can respect that....
I belong to the Mntz but being geographically challenged I dont get to do much.
There is a loose bunch of us up here that get togather weekly but no dues, ossifers or pressure, we have fun..
Hey chuck, that f1 is actually a f 100, 1953 anniversary edition if I remember right. Will have to wait a month or two..

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