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Hi for Georgia


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Hey it's good to be here... I'm in the process of building a Track t. I've always been interrested in cars but never had the money it takes to go fast. I've had many different "hobbies" over the years but this one I believe I enjoy more than the rest all put together. Though sometimes I fill like pulling out my hair by the roots. I'll enjoy it more once I'm up and running. I started the hotrod in 2004. Researched online, bought books, decided on what I wanted to build, had that vission of what I wanted... Then 2005, paycuts. So I've had to slow down construction but it has allowed me to make some changes I wouldn't have done before. I buy a few big parts a year, make what I can(or have made for me) and hopefully by next summer????
Welcome TRoadster :welcome: The cool thing about a T, they are so light you don't need a lot of money to go fast. :cool: Your project sounds great "stay the course" and it will get finished. My dad started mine in '89, it will get finished someday. OH by the way everybody is going to ask you for pics, fair warning. :lol:
:welcome: TRoadster! A lot of helpful friendly people here. Don't be afraid to jump in any time!
Welcome to the site Troadster. In the real world it takes time to build one of these great little cars. Keep sluggin', you'll get there, when you do, you'll find it was worth all the hair loss. If there is any way we can help, just ask. Oh

Welcome troadster! I'm just up the road in Temple and would love to get together to bench race. I built my first T in 1972, and have been tinkering ever since. Got a lot of resorces so give me a shout! Working on an old Total car when money permits.
Welcome to the forum:D

lots of great folks here, stick around, learn a little, teach a little.:cool:

got some pix??

I'm going on vacation this week with the wife. I'll take some photos of the hotrod and post then over the next few weeks. I really need to clean the workshop first. You know a few hours sweeping, putting stuff up... then six months later you have to do it again. I'm not the most organize person, which sometimes drives my wife crazy. Luckily she can be the same way.;)

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