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Hi from Vegas


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Hi all, just found your site. I have a bucket that I helped my Dad build back in the late 80's and never finished. Pretty much all it needs is paint and upolstery. Anyway enough for now. Here is a pic of Becky and Me.​

Thanks LumanAl. I've been working on it off and on for a while. Someday it will be finished, I just need to decide on a color scheme, something so my dad won't come back and haunt me.
Welcome Bruce (and Becky)!:hooray:
What ever color you choose, Dad will be proud that you chose to finish it!
Welcome from Orlando by way of Parump
Thanks for the welcomes everyone.

Track-T congrats on your escape from So. Nevada. I have 18 more months here.
Welcome Bruce, man Becky's a sweetheart! Very nice balance, great flow, love her curves.......opps...sorry! I get carried away around pretty ladies! Glad to have you here. mo pics? Please?
Great looking T Bucket! Welcome to the website. It's cool you're shakin' the dust off of Becky and getting her on the road. You have a nice clean look going and black would add to the classic style.

Becky is a cool name for a Bucket.
tbucketlar said:
Good look'in bucket Bruce. It would look good painted black. Lar:)

Thanks I've thought about making them match.

Thanks again eveyone. Here are a few more pics.



Wow Bruce, that is one sweet combo. I sold my bike to my dad last summer and starting to get the fever again. Trying to withstand the temptation cause I have a 23T to play with and you are not helping Pictures like this just give me an excuse to justify buying another bike and adding another toy in the Thanks for the pics and ride safe man.
Ahhhhhhhhhh......Thanks Bruce. Becky is one to be proud of. Really now...That is so sweet! Thanks for the pics!
Now, that's a heck of a choice for rides! Heads or tail and you never lose!:welcome:
Hey Bruce... That's a cool red roadster in your avatar....My grandad would have loved that one!
Youngster said:
Hey Bruce... That's a cool red roadster in your avatar....My grandad would have loved that one!

Thanks My granddad and Dad would have loved it. Even though my Dad was partial to the green ones. :lol: Dad grew up in St. Cloud. MN.

BTW its a '55 Ferguson, it runs great. I use it to mow my pasture once a year in Texas.
Isn't it amazing how a T-Bucket in your driveway always makes your house the best looking one in the neighborhood;)

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