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Hi there


New Member
Hello everyone, Dave here as my name suggests I have a 23 Tbucket with a 307 chev. I live in Adelaide South Australia.
Welcome! There are two other Aussies on this board that are from Adelaide. I also have a friend that lives there that has a T.

Welcome Dave
Welcome to the forum Dave, post some pictures of your bucket if you have them.
G,day Pal,

Got a Victorian here, have a good look around the place, plenty to read and advice for building,

Jim G'day, I am Dave, Kym's mate. I believe you caught up with him when he was over in the US. I am still getting used to the pages in this site. Will try and post some pics of my bucket soon.
Welcome, This is the best T-Bucket site on the planet. Gotta ask, "Do you wear you hair like Aussit-T? If that is him on his Avatar, he is one homely sucker!!

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