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Historical documents on Ebay

You might want to check with your local DMV be fore buying one of these. Here in Minnesota, they won't let you use some of them. from the east coast.

Florida used to be pretty liberal about these. I would buy one at a swap meet and go down and register it as my fuss, no muss. :) But the last time I tried it with a car they said they had to verify the vin number on the car was the same as the vin on the out of state title I had. I told them it was an old car with no legible numbers on the car, but still no go.

The other option was that I could have a police officer look at the car and verify the number. That is what I did. (don't ask :rolleyes:)

Every state is cracking down, stolen cars plus the revenue they were losing is prompting them all to take a closer look at these titles.

Alabama is the place to be!
No title is needed for any pre-1975 car here as 'Bama didn't HAVE car titles prior to that year. All you need to register your pre-75 car is a sales reciept or an old tag reciept with a VIN or serial number.
They are buckling down here in NC too. They will have to come out and inspect the car and it's drive train. If they don't you don't get a title or registration. Another way for the state to make money. So when we get done with our 3 builds they will titled as a 2009 custom. More tax money.
donsrods said:
they said they had to verify the vin number on the car was the same as the vin on the out of state title

Pretty much the same here in Louisiana. You need a notarized Bill of Sale too! Must be notarized. Witnessed Bills of Sale usually won't fly here. Never have for me anyhow.

Mine is registered as a 2008 Special Construction Vehicle.

I think the Rat Rod (the unsafe) people might be more to thank for this than any. Some of the junk that is being put on the roads is embarassing to the hobby. If getting a title on a car is more difficult, it may clean up the hobby and get those goof balls on to something else.
You guys might want to check on the SEMA site for legislation regarding built cars in your state. If you live next door to Arkansas or Alabama you might consider registering it there then selling ot or transfering it to yourself a month later. Just a thought.


I just put an Ebay document in the mail to the state today, i'm keeping my fingers crossed! :pray:

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