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Hogs n Hot Rods B-B-Q Cook-Off

Fast Eddie

New Member
Saturday, July 5, 2008 will be the 2nd Annual Hogs n' Hot Rods BBQ Cook-off on the Downtown Square
in Mountain Home, AR. If you attended last year, you know a GREAT time was had by all.
T-Buckets...parking on the square...a live band.
The mayor will allow the hot rods to "play" as he did last year.
If you are interested in joining the fun, please email me at or
call 1-800-822-3536
Other Independence Day events occuring are:
July 4...Fireworks on Bull Shoals Lake
July 3...Fireworks on Lake Norfork
June 28...Fireworks on ASUMH campus
Look forward to hearing from you.

Eddie Majeste, Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce
You guys are not doing this at the same time as the Bash this year. What's up I though they went together pretty well.
Bucket head bash

The square got a little wild with so many people and buckets (and other cars). The Hogs and Hotrods is a chamber event and I hope we gave it a boost last year to carry it into the future. We are moving the Officer Sell Memorial Cruz to Friday night during the Bash, opening it up to all cars and ending up in the park in Gasville where we will have a lot more room as I expect the event to grow again this year.
There is a lot going on in the Twin lakes area around the 4th of July and the Hogs thing should just add to it plus I think they are giving free food to you if you bring a car.
Saturday night at the Bucketbash we will be at the fairgrounds into the evening. We will be able to control traffic much better for those who want to come and go with there buckets. We will party into the evening on Sat with Bands and food at the Fairgrounds.
Hogs n Hot Rods B-B-Q Cook-Off - Party on the Square

2nd Annual

Hogs n Hot Rods

Party on the Square

Bar-B-Q Cook-Off

Mountain Home, Arkansas

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Registration Deadline: Friday, June 27

The Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce and the City of Mountain Home, Mayor David Osmon, welcome you to show-off your Buckets and Hot Rods on the Downtown Square.

There will be music by the band, Hot Ice, so plan on dancing the night away. Approximately 30 B-B-Q Teams will square-off for a chance to win the coveted Traveling Trophies.

Each team will cook beef and pork. There will be two categories, Professional and Amateur.

You MUST register in advance to secure a spot on the Square.
The first 100 buckets or hot rods receive two tickets for Free B-B-Q. (No cost to register)

Complete the form and send or deliver to the Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce, 1023 Hwy 62 East, Mountain Home, AR72653located next to
Mc Donalds.
Send me an email with the same information.

The first 100 to register MUST pick-up your Welcome Bag containing your two tickets for FREE B-B-Q at the Chamber office by Thursday, July 3prior to the event OR we can mail your tickets to you. Tickets must be presented at the event for free B-B-Q. Otherwise, B-B-Q plates are $5 each.

Last years event was the largest crowd the Downtown Square had ever hostedover 3,500 attended. We expect this years crowd to be larger.

The mayor will allow the buckets & hot rods to "play" as he did last year.

Any questions call 1-800-822-3536

See you soon,

Eddie Majeste, Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce

Registration Form

2nd Annual

Hogs n Hot Rods

Party on the Square

Bar-B-Q Cook-Off




State and Zipcode:________________________________________________



Number of People:________________________________________________
"The mayor will allow the buckets & hot rods to "play" as he did last year." Eddie I don't play quite as hard as I used to but I may show up as a spectator just for giggles. Here's a great video of some serious playing. Eddie you may want to make a post with the NOPI boys and girls they will fit right in with the direction your going. If you want I'll put the word out for you, I just hope it don't ruin Hotrodding in Mountain Home. We have had 3 great years with the T bucket event in the Twin Lakes area. The public wants us to come back, we have had a great relationship with law enforcement, and the participants love the event. Huge crowds throwing water on the street encouraging dangerous burnouts while jeering police is not my idea of playing and I think I speak for most Bucketheads when I say maybe when I was younger but not any more.
I was one of the few people out in the street trying to curtail the stupidity at last year's event. The problem wasn't from the Bucketheads but rather from the general public who were doing high-rpm burnouts and racing away from the stoplight. Then there were a couple of savory citizens who decided to get in my face for trying to keep things safe.

No Eddie, inviting the public to "play" is not a good idea. Because no matter the intention, lapses of judgment and inexperience will rear their ugly heads and you'll have people hurt. Unless you can provide some reasonably safe way to isolate the cars who want to do burnouts, it's a recipe for disaster.

Take a look at this video from Selmer, TN where seven people died because somebody thought it would be cool to let a pro-street drag car do a burnout on a public street.... and this was a PROFESSIONAL driver in a purpose-built car with excellent safety features. Also note that there was a guard rail and the people were much farther from the car than our sidewalks will allow.

I'm all for having a good time, but car crashes and barbecue just don't go together in my book. No thank you.

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