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homemade parts

ooooooooooooooohhhhhhh, You got a LeBlond Lathe !:rock: I used to repair those at the plant I worked at, we had several of em. A nice lathe ,especially for a home shop. Kinda wish I had one in my shop, and a Mill too...:)
Nice work on the brackets, I made my own too, just using a Torch, drill press ,hole saws,grinder.... "BH"
I did this made all my brackets and frame used a 41/2 in grinder to cut the brackets out then shaped with a grinder. took hours but i did it myself. however if i ever build another one i will buy all of my brackets to save time and money in the long run.
Well I have nothing else to do until my body is picked up so making the brackets gives me something to do. And reference to all the tools, they are Toms and yes he has a real nice shop that can make some pro shops look bad.
Wow i wish i had a t bucket crew. Now thats getting everyone in on it. Cool
Gotta get that girl some safety glasses.:rulz:
RPM said:
Just remember you can walk with a wooden leg and eat with false teeth, but you can't see with a glass eye.

Excellent point Ron.

I ran a call today because someone wasn't wearing safety glasses.
One of the local fabrication shops had a worker grinding some welds when a chunk of the grinding wheel came off and smacked him in the right eye.
28 stitches later, they were able to re-attach his eye lid. still too early to tell if he will get his sight back.

well we just finished all the brackets and Radius Rods for all 3 buckets. Now onto the frames. I believe we'll do Sams first since his is a standard bucket. Mine will be a Tub T and Toms will be a streched and we don't hev the bodies so we can get the measurements for the frame. Oh well.
RPM said:
Just remember you can walk with a wooden leg and eat with false teeth, but you can't see with a glass eye.

I drove a guy to the emergency room once that had a wire sticking straight out of his eyeball. He was cleaning something up on a buffer type machine that had a soft 8" wire wheel on it. Still gives me the shivers when I think about it. :eek:

Ok here is our Radius Rods. The top ones are Sams and they will have circles cut out in different sizes. The 2nd ones are Toms and the Last ones are mine. We made 4 of each for our cars. Top right corner is the start of the brake pedal lever. Just hand cut it with the plasma and will shape and grind over the weekend.
Geeze....You guys have a regular production line goin' there. Ya plan on havein' all thee on the road by next week? lol


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