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Hope everyone is well!


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My name is Jacob and I am new to this site. Thought I would say hello to everyone. I am not a collector, but I have recently picked up some model T parts at an auction and thought I would see if I could pass these pieces along to someone who could use them.

Hope everyone is doing well and have a good day!

I'd like to welcome you to the forum but I have to question your reason for joining us. Do you have a T-bucket, are you building a T-bucket, are you interested in building a T-bucket or did you just join the forum to turn over some parts you acquired in hopes of making a profit?
Busted !!!!!!!!Telman is the new securityguard . I heard the door slam way over here.
rooster57 said:
Busted !!!!!!!!Telman is the new securityguard . I heard the door slam way over here.

I'm an administrator on a non car related forum and I hate people that join just to sell something and then in 95% of the cases end up disappearing. Usually they're pushing junk and end up screwing the person that bought it.
Thats 100% correct thanks for speaking up before on of us got taken. You know how small a Roosters brain is, i will buy it if its crome.
Well guys, I have to admit that I do not have a T bucket and do not have plans to build one. I am a drag racer and have been for 15 years now. I joined this site not to just push the items that I have and by no means am I looking to screw anyone over. The fact is that I have some model T parts - some I am familiar with and some I am not. I was hoping to join a forum with people that knew a lot more about this stuff than I do.

I picked some items up at an auction in north Georgia. The guy that owned all of this passed away and his family auctioned all of his cars and parts off. He was also into drag racing and there were some racing parts there that I was interested in. The catch was that the parts that I wanted were in an allotment with MANY other parts. Most of it was scrap - the guy did not get rid of anything. Among the items that I kept are numerous model T parts as this fellow had a T and evidently plenty of spare parts. Some look original, but in not so good shape, and some I couldn't tell you what they are. Once again - hoping to get some help from someone who might.

I did not "steal" these parts by any means - It all cost a chunk, and all that I want to do is re-coupe some of the costs by selling the things that I do not need, but I am sure that someone else does.

I also won't pretend that I will build a T bucket one day or even buy one - but if any of you come to a drag race in the North Georgia area, come find me and I will be happy to say hello and introduce myself.

Jacob Rutledge

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