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Hot boat

I bet Darlene could fix it!:rolleyes:

If it was a classic, name brand boat, Sanger, Hondo, Stevens, Rayson-Craft or the like . . . . . it's possible that it might be worth restoring, even from that condition, but that looks home made, all plywood . . . maybe a Glen-L Missile design or similar

Even more would depend on what it's got for running gear . . . . the good high end stuff you'r expect to find in a classic V-drive hull, or cheaper stuff that nobody would want . . .

The el-cheapo ride plate setup just screams Backyard Budget Build

ORF has it nailed, you're buying a 392 Hemi . . . . and a trailer to haul it home on

I wouldn't touch it with anything but a chainsaw . . . .

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