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hotrod insurance answers


i found this and thought it may be handy for some guys. I have statefarm and they are 3 times the cost of Grundys for instance. Food for thought. Check out the link to the artical!!
American Collectors Insurance
American Hobbyist
Aon Collector Car
CHROME InsuranceAmerican National Property And Casualty
Classic Automobile
Collector Car
Condon &
Rod and Custom artical
I have Grundy, they don't limit miles.
I seen an interview with the Grundy founder on the Speed channel. He stated that they offer low rates to their customers because they know that you are going to take care of the car. Made a lot of sense to me. That is who I will be looking at when its time to insure it.
The real test of an insurance company is how they pay when a customer has a problem. I had Condon and Skelly. I never had a problem because I never had to file a claim. I would like to see members who have had to 'use' their insurance give their reviews. Did the company stand behind you and represent you well in settling a claim against another driver? Did they cancel you after settling a claim where you were deemed to be at fault? All of the companies will tell you how great they are but the proof is in the pudding. I've seen Grundy's bits on My Classic Car and I too am impressed and I'm leaning towards going with them but I would like to read some testimonials from real customers who have had to 'use' their insurance.
My car insurance lady at AAA has Grundy for there prostreet ill ask her Monday and find out what she knows about that.
Thanks Rick i think im about 3 weeks away from needing ins.
I could never understand why the NTBA with over a 1000 in their membership wouldn't work a deal with one of the specialty car insurance companies for a low rate group plan to cover T-buckets...Seems like a waste of a big membership to me.
I asked that very question one time and didn't get much of an answer except a bunch of stuff about being a Non proffit organization....I guess I just don't see the Big Picture. Seems like any other specialty group can get special group discounts, why not car clubs?
Can you imagine what a shot in the arm it would be to (lets say Hagarty) if they suddendly got 7 or 800 new clients..realizing not everyone would be happy with only one insurer.....
The problem I have with the insurance companies is when you call em, they don't just want to cover your T-Bucket, they want your daily drivers and old pick up trucks and motor homes too....
Sorry, I just had to speak up here.....:D "BH"
My problem with my insurance is they dont act like they care if your a customer or not. I have state farm and they cover things great but my agent is a slug. They never call me back when u call them they dont know or are just wrong. IE rental car coverage and so on. BH dont get me started !!!!!!!!!!
I had State farm for my cars and home owners. never any problem on the cars but they really gave me the shaft on a major house fire . they wanted to mickey mouse the house back together, leave wood frameing with charcoal burns over half the stud height. water damaged floors ete etc. . I fought them on their rebuild instruction list and they ending up deciding they were only going to give me 80 % on the basic costs and I never got the building Code upgrade requirements costs ...I had paid a lot to add to my policy. I was in Calif and the county required earthquake upgrades and energy upgrades, insulation , better windows etc. I had an engineering degree, journey man carpenters card, building contractors Lic. college teaching cred. have taught automotive engine machine shop classes and various construction classes ...a lot more construction experience. residential and commercial than any one in their office. ... I hired a lawyer and he just sent me bills and never got me the money that my policy should have covered

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