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Houston cruise night


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The friend who welded the brackets for my rearend called me last weekend about a cruise he had heard about on the north side of Houston. Kinda far, but he was told quite a few cars show up. So, yesturday evening we rounded up a posse and headed north. What we found was a cruise night that happens EVERY Saturday from summer to mid fall! They get 200+ cars, hotrods, trucks and bikes. Entry to a roped off area is restricted to '79 and earlier vehicles, but newer cars surround the area of the parking lot. It was very well run and policed. Literally. No idiots spinning tires and doing burn outs. Just good fun and great cars with a DJ spinning '50s and '60s hits.

I ran into a member of the NTBA and we traded numbers and he gave me a full tour of his T Bucket along with a few leads on paint and interior shops in the area. All in all, a great time was had. There's nothing like seeing magazine quality cars cruising the streets.

Here is the link to the website that sponsers it. The pics from previous weekends can be found in the events section:

It's always a treat when I get to talk to someone who owns and drives a T Bucket. Kinda motivates me, like I need more than I have!:welcome:

Enjoy the pics!:D
'Bout time bro you found sumthin to do besides working on that there contraption in the gaaaroge.Really its good to find real hotrod folk kinda makes warm all over if ya know what i mean.
Rick, it seems that the closer my car gets to completion, the closer I get to the hot rodder community. Meeting the NTBA guy was very cool and like you, he had nothing but words of wisdom to lay on me. I still check out the pics you sent me and disect each and every one. After all, I'm new at this and it's guys like you and others who have been there before me that are an endless source of inspiration and motivation. After I told my boss you had sent me the shock levers, he said it sounds like I'm a member in some sort of secret "brotherhood"! I laughed at first, but I think it has a lot of truth to it. There is a bond between all of us hot rodders. A commrodere based at first on hot rods, then on just being human beings and treating eachother with respect. I know it may sound corny, but I'm diggin' it, man. The last time I felt connected with a group of people this way, I was in the Navy.

Sha Boom is one SWEET looking custom! How ironic is it that the owners last name is "Fryz"!?:welcome: Looks like you guys had a great send off!
:lol:Speaking of advice. Rick, does the Total fuel line run along the inside of the frame rail or some other way? The reason I ask is that I'm checking to see if I'll need to use spacers between my battery box and the frame. I'm using a box from Speedway. It measures out as a perfect fit, looks tough and is half the cost of theirs.

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