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How do you take a screenshot of your desktop?


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title says it all.

how do you take a screenshot of whatever you have up on your monitor?
hold down CTRL and then hit PRINT SCREEN for the whole screen or hold down ALT and hit PRINT SCREEN for the current window.
sweet , thanks.

i'm so friggin bored, i could go get drunk at a bbq, but i'm not really feeling like the hangover tommorrow :)

so i'm running some different combos on camquest6 software, i might post them, was just wanting to know how to get the screenshot...
You have to open something like MS Paint or MS Word and then paste it into a new image.
awesome thanks you very much..

pretty sad i can build a computer but i cant operate it to its extent..
I ended up re-installing Windoze on one computer, because I got tired of having to stop and sort how to do things like this in Linux or in OS X.

I communicate with a lot of pals in Scotland and something like the GBP sign - - or the grave symbols in Gaelic - Gidhlig - or even something simple like a degree symbol - - roll right off my fingertips in Windoze. On my iMac, I always have to stop and figure how to do it.

How are the figures in CamQuest looking, when compared to real-world figures? When some of those scripts first became available, a few years back, we tried some of them (CamQuest, Desktop Dyno, etc.) against the data collected from a SuperFlow dyno and things weren't very close. I suspect some of the algorithms may have improved over the years and they might produce some figures that are a bit more accurate. The Desktop Dyno guys used to get real interested in their shoes when the dyno would measure numbers that were 60-100 HP down from what they were expecting. :D
i have ubuntu on my other ,really like the simplicity of ubuntu, have suse 10 on it also. but drivers for the wireless have been a pain in the butt...

on the software,i dunno about smallblock chevys, i had my 04 dodge ram ran on a dynojet chassis dyno, and showed 295hp at rear wheels.. desktop dyno and camquest showing it at around 350hp at crank.. seems like that is pretty close.. especially since my truck is rated at 345 hp from the factory.. i figure theres probably some error, but atleast on my dodge their showing within 5 hp.
I've got Hardy running on the box out in the great room. Here in the office, XPee and Hardy are set up on a dual-boot on this box and the iMac is running alongside this one. I use Parallels to run XPee on the iMac, too.

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