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How the Model T became the T-bucket

Great article, thanks for sharing. Grabowskis T was and is IMO still the coolest T ever. I was one of those teens who sat glued to the TV every week hoping they would use it in that weeks episode.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Norm at Daytona a few years back, and it was like I had met my all time hero. Super nice guy and funny as h***.

The funny part about his car is that there are some very wrong styling elements about it, yet is is still just perfect. The earlier version of it (shown below) was actually prettier IMO, but didn't have the flash of the TV one.

Sad part is that Norm sold the car to a guy in Ohio who modified it for the show circuit............with dual rear slicks and twin blowers! :eek: He still has it and refuses to let anyone see or photograph it. (I guess he is too embarrassed :)) I hope someone gets it some day and restores it to it's former glory.


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