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How to identify body


I have recently purchased a T bucket. It is registered as a 23 T. Has a fiberglass body with the rear bed molded as part of the body. I have looked but cannot find a tag to determine what make it is. I am third owner of this unit and the previous owner thought it was a Total Performance body but was not sure. It has a low windshield and I would like to add a top portion to the windshield but need to know what to look for. Any help on identification would be great>
Post a picture and you will have your answer!! Welcome to the site.
Yep, welcome. :welcome: Total bodies are one that has the molded in bed, so it could be. The older ones said FORD on the tailgate and the later ones have TOTAL in Ford-like script. (Some legal thing) The dash is also sort of distinctive, and I think they have always been like the one pictured below.


It can be tough to ID a body. I know mine was built in the early 70's. When I stripped the 8 coats of paint off the car I noticed the "Ford" tailgate was a different gel coat. It must have been added later some time. I don't have a clue who made my body.

If you look at early car mags, you'll see there were quite a few people selling T bodies from a lot of mfgs. But maybe someone knows what to look for to ID the bodies.

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