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From Hurst, Texas. Just found this board. Looks good with a lot of knowledge around. I'm getting ready to start my first T, so I'll be asking a lot of questions.
Glad to see ya made it and welcome! If you have any questions, just ask.:rolleyes:
Well, I believe I'm going to go with the Spirit Kit. I see their vega steering box is listed at $330 plain, but I found one from Gearhead Enterprises for $189. Could Spirit's mark up be that high, or is this $189 piece a cleaned up POS??
Welcome Babyburr, I have a spirit kit and really like it. Check out my gallery under thomas. Both Bob and Josh are great to work with. Always nice to meet another buckethead. Remember, pictures are a must.:lol: It only took me about six months to learn how to post pictures.:eek: Best of luck to you.

Babyburr said:
Could Spirit's mark up be that high, or is this $189 piece a cleaned up POS??
I've worked in the high-performance automotive aftermarket for 34+ years and the very first lesson I learned still holds true today.

You are always going to get exactly what you paid for.

If a company is going to survive, particularly in today's market, they are not going to be able to run profit margins up like that.

Which isn't to say that a $189 box is, as you say, a POS, but there is a reason it is as inexpensive as it is.
Mikey, a member of the NTBA, has reversed Corvair boxes (cast) for $175. I believe he refurbishes them. I ordered one today and should get it early next week. The aluminum ones run about $250, which seems to be the norm, if you shop around. He has a photo of an aluminum one in the NTBA classifieds. He offers FREE shipping and includes the pitman arm. His phone number is: 936-544-4849 He's in Crockett, Texas. I'll post how mine is, but I had a very good talk with him today and he sounds like a great guy. He's got other T Bucket stuff for sale and has been into and worked on buckets for a loooong time.

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