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I found this 4 sale


Found this on Craigslist $300.00
if anyone is interested
T bucket (touring front). Steel body, no door and no turtle deck. Has rear panel, side panels, seat bottom panel, cowl, and firewall. Great rat or hot rod body! 217-425-9122 Decatur Illinois

  • Location: Decatur
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
They are still out there. I bought my '19 body out of Oklahoma last year for $240 with shipping. Had it shipped by grayhound. When i opened the box there was an envelope taped to the body with a note saying "Thought you might waht this too." It was the paper for A '19 roadster. It was even current. Went to the DMV that day and got it transfered and plates.

No Al we'll find you a roadster body. Working on a deal for one for ya. The guys being a lil stubborn but i think he'll come around. Trying for around 4 or 5 hundred. nice one, complete with very lil rust. Hold on we'll find one for ya. Push come to shove might part with my '19. It's about the same shape as the one in the pic. lil more rust though.


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