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ID hairpin/axle mount


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I got these as part of a front end deal. They fit 2" axle, and 5" spread on hairpin holes. I can't find these in any catalog. 3/8 steel flame cut. I was told either Speedway, or Mas. ?? The sketch is in the ballpark but not perfect.
MAS, if you want a couple more, let me know. I have 3 sets in the shop.

I've looked at these about a dozen times. I must be missing something cause I don't see how they would work well. I am thinking about welding a handle on , shapening them up and cutting some brush in the yard.
is the hole for the spring hanger right there or is it alittle farther back to clear the axle. if this is a good sketch, then i would think it was for using a spring mount on top of the axle along with this one.
These bat wing were first put on the market in the late '60's by MAS. The front axle kit used a trailer spring and a pair of shackles made from 1" x 1/4" steel strap with 2-1/4"x 3/8" grade 3 bolts. the rubber bushings were made from pieces of 3/4" rubber hose. The shackle mount was a 5/8" x 1" nc bolt welded to a piece of black pipe. LOL They always did make great hair pins and axles. As a matter of fact, the axles you bout from Jay Ostertag ( Mr. Roadster ) and Speedway in the '70's and '80's were shipped from "their" mid-west warehouse ( MAS ). These are MAS bat wings.


PS- Let me know how they work for cuttin' brush Chirp!
Drawing is pretty close. I measured the distace from edge of 5/8" hole to edge of 2" hole it is 1-1/4". Enough room for spring and link(?) I believe.
I believe the only way these will work is if they are welded on 90 degrees to the axle so that the spring mount hole locations are parallel. But on the other hand I thought the mounts were supposed to be welded on an angle aiming towards the hairpin mount on the frame.
I'm sure this is just a case of me not knowing the many different ways of accomplishing the same thing.
You can weld them at 90 degrees to the axle and then heat and bend the armsinward to mount the hair pins.

The problem with these is when you get the shackle on the spring and mount, You only have 1/8" to 1/4" between them and the axle. compare these to the ones in the plans in the Tech Articles. They are basicly the same except for the location of the spring mount.

radiator needed

looking for a gold rad with medal cover or would consider a highly chromed or polished for a 23 t looking for show condition mike
Thanks now I get it . I'm going by a set of CCR plans I picked up so they are way different. I will use these or at least give it a try.
BUT the weather finally broke so tomorrow I start the body!!!!!!
How much drop dose your axle have? If you weld these on with the hole for the spring pivots down, it really lower the front of your frame. Tack them on first and see which way you like the best.

if you are going to go low, assemble the spring main leaf, shackles and pivots. Then install that as a unit into the bat wings.

That idea will work out fine. The axle is only dropped 2", so I was going to try a couple different perch heights. I'm not really going for a super low look. I don't really know what you would call it, something you might have seen running at the drags in the 60's. If I find a pic. of something I like I will forwrd it . I have built alot of bikes and several cars, and I have the skills but not T Bucket specific knowledge. So I appreciate all the help you have given me.
What I am really hoping is that my boys will want to get in on this project. Speaking of which I am off with my youngest (Ha 19 years) to burn up some gunpowder. Later Thanks again.

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