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I'm going to be a DAD.


Just found out I'm going to be a Dad......Guess I needed someone to help me finish the bucket.
Looks like thats the end to my yearly holiday in America / Canada for now, will not get a chance to meet any of you for a while now.
Ranks right up there with getting your first Hot Rod/T-Bucket:lol:
Congrats :lol:
Congrats. Make sure you catch up on your sleep before the baby is born.
Greatest joy on Earth. My oldest son (now 36) learned to drive in my first T-Bucket on a driving trip from California to Texas at the age of 7.
Thanks fella's, looking forward to it, going to be a it of a shock for the first few months I'm sure.

Awe man! NOTHING BETTER!!! I have two little girls I wouldn't trade for the world!!

you do realize he's going to look exacty like your avitar, right? :lol:
Congrats Aussie nothin like young ones they keep us on our toes. My oldest is 47 my youngest is 31 ( his wife is in a family way thier first) 7 grand kids 2 great grand kids when we all get togeather its a real growd. Life comes at you real fast so that little one will be twisting bolts with dad before you know what happend, even if its a girl, both of my girls do most of thier own car work. :lol:
Jeepers Mate, thats a real crowd you have there. It's good that you still all get together, to many familys don't have that, we are both lucky as my family gets together alot to.:lol: Girl or Boy, they will be T-Bucketeers......
Make certain you know what caused it, ha! I have 4 kids, 15 grandkids and 3 great-grandkids. When I sold my '27 T, to T-4-2, my grandson, who is 4, thought it was his, because he "helped me" on it. He is still mad at me for selling his "hot-rod" and wants to know when I am going to buy him another one.

""Let me tell about being old. Crap, I forgot what I was going to say.""

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