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Interesting E-Bay Store


a guy on the hamb has had a bad dealing with this place.. took his money but he hasnt recieved his parts in like 3 months
Ebay has got so big so fast they cant keep the crooks out. And paypal has a new deal if you sell something over 100 bucks and you have under 100 feedbacks they wana hold your money for 21 days.
that Howel's ... have been using their stuff for years. the parts aren't always perfect but they are certainly usable. never had any problems with shipping form them. so many times people screw up in there ordering and we only hear thier side of the story. not saying that's what the problem is but would like to hear the other side too.

your right youngster,

thier website looks nice, and the pictures of thier products look good..

i wouldnt hesitate to use them.. i just wouldnt make a huge first order.. maybe a few smaller pieces and see how quick they are recieved..
Thanks RexRod ,Dont know why I couldnt get it to work,,
RocknT said:
Thanks RexRod ,Dont know why I couldnt get it to work,,

I don't either. I tried to post it the normal way, but some other URL keeps getting added to the front of the address. Who knows. It's the ghost in the machine.


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