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Interior company

This is the problem i had Putz i wasnt convinced that another body builder could build an interior for my CCR body that would fit right. Thats why i went with CCRs interior. So i would make sure that the interior they are selling was patterened off my body. I know that a lot of these bodys reguardless are from the same mold dimentions. I think several companys make the CCR body as an example .JMO
If you go to Model t customer rides and it shows they did Totals interiors amoung others.Hmmm interesting thanks for the link.
Steve at the top right click on shop online thenclick away and you'll see the prices.
Thanks. I found them. Not for me. I'm sure there are upholsterers near all of us who can do a quality job and have the interior fit us. I had mine done by Phil Richardson of Barnum, IA for $1500. We mocked up an interior for me to sit in so that measurement could be taken to make sure I fit comfortably in the car. The car was finished in a week and as I said in another post, the interior was made to be removed because the car hadn't been painted yet. Phil had an opening that week and I had to take advantage of it or wait a long time to get the job done. Several cars with Phil's interiors have appeared in Streetrodder and one car he did was a Riddler contender in 2001.

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