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Northstar T

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I just started building my first T a couple weeks ago, but I've been into cars for ~45 of my 60 years. a wide variety of vehicles have spent time in our garage in recent years including, but not limited to, V-8 Fieros (one Northstar and one 377 SBC) a couple Corvairs, a model A rod, and a scuttled 36 Ford rod project. Wile into Fieros I put a Northstar motor in one and ended up designing and building an individual throttle body FI system for it. during that process I set up a mule motor in my shop to do the developement and tuning. That mule motor still resides in my shop 2 years later, so rather than just going out and firing it up once in a wile (although that is thrilling enough) I decided to build the T I've always thought of building, and stuff this motor in it. I own (toy) cars because I enjoy the design and fabrication part, but because I'm also on a budget, so I don't concider any of them to be truely show cars. mostly I build "nice driver" quality cars, have some fun with them, and move on to the next project. A couple have become fictures in my carport, but not many. we'll see if a Northstar T becomes one that stays or one that goes
. So far I've picked up a used 23 body and bed, a new frame that was built by a buddie of mine who ownes a rod shop, a 56 Chev rear end, 36 Ford front axle with juice brakes, and of course the motor. the chassis is almost a roller, as I built the radius rods just today and the springs and axles are already mounted to the frame. there's a long way to go, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.


I'ts just like building a canoe out of a log. first you select a log.... then you cut off everything that doesn't look like a canoe.


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Welcome to the site. This is a very interesting project. Please keep us advised of your progress.

Welcome, :hi: I'm looking forward to your build.
Welcome to the forum Russ a Northstar T-Bucket sounds like a cool project.

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