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It's about time !


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Hello everyone... I joined back a while, but have only been surfing the forums, reading and absorbing your great "how too" ideas.
I've had a 23 T for the past three years (bought as a basket case) and have rebuilt it into a driveable state since then.
It's an ongoing project that I know I'll enjoy for many years to come.

Fiberglass body ... Bear frame and suspension (ladder-bar & coil overs) 406 small block, 350 turbo and posi. Some original parts, with an original 23 Ford ownership.

I also have a small scale 31 Vicky (fiberglass look-alike) trailer on the go that I'm hoping to have done over the next year. I'll be able to bring a spare tire, toolbox, and beer cooler with me to the shows :rolleyes:.

I'll post some pictures as I get them ...
Glad to have ya and welcome!:)
Glad you are here sounds like you are having fun.Any questions somebody here will have the answer.:)
welcome to the sight. we'll be waiting to see those pics...sounds interesting.

Ted look under the [More] smilies to the right

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