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This is one of those times when I wish a point did not need to be made, but there is no getting around it.

First off, I want everyone (including you) to visit the forum's Rules & Guidelines page. Read the information on that page, and become familiar with it. If you have any questions about any of those rules, I invite you to send me a Personal Conversation. I will be more than happy to provide any clarification you might need.

Second, we have a rule that says:
Effective immediately, all members of the T-Bucket Forums are required to provide and maintain a valid e-mail address as a condition of continuing to receive full forum privileges. The forum software makes use of e-mail communication to provide notices of activity on subscribed threads, of new Private Messages and as a reminder to inactive members.
As most of you will doubtless recall, when you registered for these forums, you were required to provide a valid e-mail address. Once you had submitted your registration request, the forum software sent you a confirmation e-mail with a link you had to visit, in order to complete your registration.

If someone registers and provides a phony account (and believe me, it happens all day long, every day), then they will never receive the confirmation message. I have a script that will check new accounts for confirmation, and will post a warning notification to all unconfirmed accounts. If an account is not confirmed within seven days of registration, the account is automagically deleted from the database.

If someone successfully registers and confirms their e-mail, it would make you think life is good, here in the land of milk and honey. But what ends up happening is people want to register with accounts they specifically use for junk mail they do not want to be bothered with reading. Or they change ISPs and end up with a new account.

What they forget is the forum is still trying to send them e-mail notification of various and specific events taking place on the forums. If I send you a PC, you get an e-mail, saying you have a new PC waiting to be read. If you subscribe to a thread and someone adds a post, you get an e-mail, saying you have new messages to be viewed.

This is why the rule governing associated e-mail accounts is specific in saying you must provide and maintain a valid e-mail address.

Every time an e-mail is generated, whether it be for a new member, for a new PC, or for whatever, that e-mail is sent from an address associated with this domain. Which is all fine and dandy, unless the recipient's e-mail address is malformed, or is no longer valid. When that happens, the recipient e-mail server bounces the message back to me. Which may sound like a rather insignificant situation to some of you, but there are multiple reasons why it makes my blood boil.

1. I operate several Web sites, each of which has its own e-mail accounts. At the time of this writing, the e-mail client on this machine is currently sweeping a total of twenty-three e-mail accounts, every 10 minutes, of every hour, 24 hours a day, every day, of every week, of every year. I get more than enough e-mails as it is, and I don't need bounced e-mails adding to my workload, just because some of you are too lazy to look after your own accounts.

2. More importantly, if this domain sends an e-mail to whatever e-mail server you have associated with your account, and that e-mail account is no longer valid, that counts as a strike against this domain. If your e-mail domain sees enough negative reputation strikes against this domain, it will mark this domain as sending spam. :mad: If this domain starts getting marked as a spam domain, that will affect the deliverability of all of our outgoing e-mails. I bust my hump, trying to ensure that our e-mail domain is set up with all the proper validations, so all of you will receive e-mail notifications in a proper and timely manner. I make very regular checks, and our A record, our SPF record and our MX record are all in place, and verified. But if someone changes ISPs and does not update their e-mail account here, then I get busted for sending e-mails to their old ISP. Uh-uh, that ain't gonna happen no more.

I've asked, repeatedly, for everyone to take the 15 seconds required to verify the e-mail address associated with their forum account is both valid and working. But I am still seeing the odd bounced message in my own Inbox. So, welcome to the E-Mail Wall of Shame.

Effective about 5 minutes ago, every time I see a bounced message in my Inbox, I will be logging into the Admin Control Panel of the forums, first to discontinue all e-mail notifications for the offending user account. Second, I will be limiting the access permissions on the offending account, which means those users will be able to log into the forum, and will be able to view messages on the forum, but that is it. The new Limited usergroup will not be allowed to post to the forums, they will not be allowed to view attachments to posts, they will not be able to access the Personal Conversation functions, nor will they be able to use the user profile functions. Their accounts will be identified with a yellow banner below their avatar, identifying them as a Limited User.

In addition, the offending user will be tagged in a post to this thread, so they will be able to see exactly why nothing seems to work for them, any longer. Of course, everyone else will see the offending user's identity, hence the Wall of Shame.

I take this stuff very seriously folks. Play by the rules and we all get to have a good time around here. Break the rules and tamper with this domain's e-mail reputation and you will suffer for it.

Our very first entry on the sparkling, brandy-new Wall of Shame -

@Hackerbilt , you need to get your e-mail account fixed, or changed, ASAP. Your e-mail provider (go flippin' figure, it's flippin' :x3:) is bouncing messages with a 550 error - Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable.

As soon as you get this problem fixed, use the Contact Us link, at the bottom of every forum page, to send me a message from a working e-mail address. I will respond, and assuming my response gets through to you, you will need to send back your own response. Once I see things are working, I will restore your forum privileges. Until then, well, things are not going to work so much.

OK, who's going to be next? <he says as he rubs his palms together and laughs wickedly> Line 'em up, and I'll knock 'em down.
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Mike...It's been so long that I don't remember my email account I used but I will check it ASAP. If bad I will have to deal with it inj a few days as I will be out of pocket till then. Thanks for the heads up!

@jimhemmer27 , care to explain why you felt it necessary to register two accounts within 7 minutes of one another? And why you used a bogus e-mail account for one of them? When I see those kinds of games, the first thought that runs through my mind is that we've got ourselves another spammer.

Time for you to visit the Rules and Guidelines page, to learn what we expect of our userbase. Pay particular attention to the rule that reads -
Multiple user accounts on this site are prohibited and anyone registering with more than one account runs the risk of having all accounts deleted.
I'm going to need a mighty good explanation on this one, and mighty quickly, else both accounts are out of here.
@Zandoz , why are you trying to re-register for the forums? I've received two bounced messages from two, failed e-mail confirmations, in the last 30 minutes. Your account is active, so there is no need to re-register.
I'm trying to change my email....we got a new provider last week. I think I have it now
When I registered for this site I used an email account I made with my service provider. I do not use that account at all. I use a yahoo account that I have had for several years. if this is an issue I will be happy to correct it. unfortunately I don't even remember the account. Let me know what I must do If anything to keep things good.
I'm trying to change my email....we got a new provider last week. I think I have it now
OK. I was seeing bounced messages showing new registration confirmation requests were bouncing. And I could not sort why that was happening.

When I registered for this site I used an email account I made with my service provider. I do not use that account at all. I use a yahoo account that I have had for several years. if this is an issue I will be happy to correct it. unfortunately I don't even remember the account. Let me know what I must do If anything to keep things good.
As long as the e-mail address associated with your account is valid and is working, then I'm happy if you're happy. The forum software sends e-mail notifications on some events taking place on the forums (if someone sends you a Personal Conversation, if someone posts to a thread you are watching, etc.), so if you are not interested in receiving these notifications, that is entirely up to you. Please be aware, mail accounts are finite, and if you are allowing messages to pile up in that Inbox, the day will come when the account will hit its upper limit and will start bouncing messages. That is when I am no longer happy. :giggle:
Just out of curiosity, how do you access your e-mail? Do you use a Web interface, or do you use an e-mail client?

I do not care for Web mail, so I use Mozilla Thunderbird on my machines. The client on this machine monitors 23 (yes, that is twenty-three) e-mail accounts. Once, every 10 minutes, it sweeps all of those POP3 or IMAP servers, and downloads any new messages it finds. I get both a visual and an audible notification that new messages have been downloaded. It makes life so much easier, rather than having to wade through over a dozen Web mail log-ins, just to see what messages I may, or may not have. On my own servers, I run SpamAssassin, which is a scary-intuitive tool that actually learns to recognize spam messages. I then have Thunderbird set up to recognize messages that SpamAssassin has marked as spam, and to dump them into a junk folder. When I read an e-mail, I either mark it for further action, or a send it off to a trash folder. And Thunderbird is set up to empty all the trash folders, every time I close it down.

The only time I ever use Web mail is when I am using ProtonMail, or Gmail. I have three Gmail accounts, only one of which is even semi-active, so I don't bother to monitor it anywhere, except on my mobile phone. I completely ignore my Hotmail, Yahoo and Outlook accounts, as I find all of them to be worthless for any real use.

There are other mail clients, but when it comes to ease of use and maximum security, Thunderbird is a really great option.
@rodjr , I've attempted to respond to the message you sent via our Contact Us form. Since it was sent from the same address that already bounced a message, I don't hold much hope that you will ever receive it. In answer to your questions, here is a copy of the bounced message (I have obscured your complete address).

@raidmagic , e-mails are bouncing from your e-mail address. As mentioned above, I am not real excited about restricting privileges to a supporting member, so please get on this, straight away.

My guess is your ISP, being the size they are, they are managing multiple domains on the same server and are experiencing issues configuring aliases. I am seeing bounces with a 550 5.1.1 unknown or illegal alias error.
I was a user when I signed up here. I am now Could that be the issue? Still raidmagic@
that is the only thing I changed.
ok so I just went to change my email and it is saying the admin has banned my email address. Ideas?
@T-Bucket Bob , I received your e-mail containing your new e-mail address. I would like to thank you for granting me the special privilege of logging in to edit your account details for you. Why should you be required to look after your own account, after all? The thought of you actually logging in to your own account, to change your e-mail address, so your forum permissions could be restored was doubtless quite painful for you. But have no fear, I logged into the forums, then I logged into the Admin Control Panel, then I tracked down your account, and I changed everything for you.

Gee, is there any chance I can come over and wash your car, maybe weed your flower beds, and possibly walk your dog for you, as well? I can stop by the store on the way and get a tin of bootblack, and I'll polish your shoes for you, whilst I am there. Sorry, but I will not be available to read you a bedtime story.

I guess we've entered a new era, where I am now everyone's personal valet.

The nerve of some people's kids... :rolleyes:

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