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Jag rearend mounting


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Okay, I know I have seen a CAD drawing of a jag rearend mount somewhere on this site. I cannot for the life of me find it anymore. If the author of said mounting system could please pm me with an approx price on what it would cost to make I would appreciate it.

If those on here that have a jag rear post some close ups on how they mounted them I could use that as well.


Check 'GAB's postings. If you can get a look at CCR's plans, they have info on mounting a jag too.

GAB may have posted his drawings before, but I have them on my office computer also. He did the drawings for me, as he fabricated and mounted the attach points for my Jag. I'll post them tomorrow if George hasn't by then.
I think that this is what you are looking for:


I really don't have any kits for this installation as buckets come in so many sizes and shapes. I might be able to provide you some pieces such as the center section plate and the tie bars and pinion support tubes.
Thats the one.

What would be a ball park figure for that setup?

Lets see -

Rear top mount
Coil over frame mounts
4 link with mounting tabs - I understand the tube lengths may change a bit.

I have no real fab equipment here that is why I am asking. I should be able to swing the little things, but the more elaborate things I will need to farm out.


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