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Just a Thank You


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My name is Barry, down here in Florida. Just want to say Hi! Ive been reading your forum for a couple months now while I have been building my own 23 Bucket. Almost complete! Ive been able to read old post on here and come up with an answer to pretty much any problem I have had. Ive learned quite a bit from some of you guys post & just want to say thanks! I think its pretty cool that there is a web site dedicated to the Bucketheads.
Here are a few of the shots in BP's Photo Gallery...




You're moving right along!
Barry-Barry-Barry, well at least you are trying to get something on the road, got to give you credit for that much.. I could really get after you, but I won't, have fun with your new project, I like your painting on your Radiator fins.. I need something like that. :} maybe a JD label or a High Heel shoe, I love High Heels...
Welcome aboard Barry, where in Florida do you live? Is there any chance you could make the T Bucket gathering at Old Town next month? You are welcome with or without your car.

Hey Ex Junk, I hadent heard about the T Buckets at Ole Town but I would love to go. Im in Ocoee just about 25 miles from there.
Ole Town meet is March 21st. I live in Oviedo so it is only a 44 mile drive for me. Try to get there early if you're bringing your T so you will have a place in our reserved area.

nice project...hope to see more of it in the coming months...don't be afraid to ask your questions.....i guarentee some one will have an answer for ya

Welcome to the site. Where 99.99% of all questions asked get answered by the well informed members here. Nice job there, looking forward to more pix's of your build.
Looks great to me and welcome to the forum! It's cool to see another Model A grill fan.:lol:

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