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Just crusin'


I had a few errands to run today and since it was supposed to be about 65 degrees and sunny i decided to take the T-Bucket out for a little cruise. Well about 30 minutes worth of errands turned into about 2 hours worth of just cruising. Since i've only had it a few months most of my driving has been in town and a little country cruising, and it was just such a nice day, i decided to venture into uncharted waters....THE FREEWAY!!!!

With visions of being squashed by an 18 wheeler running through my mind i headed for the nearest freeway on ramp. I hit the freeway and settled into the center lane running just fast enough to keep up with traffic (the speedo cable was broken when i bought the car so i'm not really sure how fast i was going). After a few miles i settled in and just enjoyed the ride. The car handled just fine and with the Corvette rear end the ride is pretty smooth. Hmmm...the freeway ain't so bad and i'm having a ton more fun than all those people in those 4 ton behemoth passing me.

Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be like today's so i'm looking forward to taking the grandkids and nieces and nephews for a little ride. And if i feel really generous i just might let my son do a little cruising.
Enjoying yourself I don't think I will be driving tomorrow 37 for a high Even though I have been out in 25 degree weather before.Isn't it cool getting waved at by everybody. You should take a GPS with somebody in the family must have one. I use mine on long trips haven't changed the gears in my tranny to calibrate my speedo.Happy Thanksging Tomorrow.
I hear ya! There's nothing like skipping along on the freeway and spotting the envy in the eyes of the "civilians" as they drive their cookie cutter, padded cup holders.
These things sure can bring a big ole grin to people's faces. I even had a city cop smile and give me a nod.

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