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Just wanted to say hey


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I haven't posted or visited much since the beginning of the year. Life has not been the best as of late, I lost my last two childhood friends. One was killed by a drunk driver and the other lost a battle with cancer. I guess I spun off into a serious case of depression and just about gave up on life in general. The weather got warm but the garage remained locked up until one of my grandsons started pestering me about taking out the bucket. I told him that the electrical system was apart and the dash was out of it and I really didn't feel like working on it. He said that was OK and I shouldn't worry about it, he would fix it for me, all I had to do was lift him up into it (he's 6). Last year he had his first ride in the car and his parents say that's all he ever talks about, riding with grandpa in his hot rod.
Back in the 60's when I first built the car my friends would come over to the house and help out. Now that they're gone I've gotten a new helper unfortunately they live about 300 miles away and I don't get to see them that often but I promised that next time they come to visit the bucket will be ready to go out riding.
The world really is a wonderful place you just have to yank your head out of your butt and open your eyes long enough to realize it.
Man I'm sorry to hear that Telman. I'm glad your back. I wish I was closer I'd be there to help. I love working on the cars alot. Heck that is what I did most of the time at the Nat's. I'd rather work on others before mine. Anyway hang in there all you need is the wind in your hair T-Ride....That is unless your like me with no hair.
Telman has the right idea now he is ready to rock again. Just needed a poke in the gut to get him movin again, Sometimes an unfortunate event will get us to look at how lucky we are. and then keep carring the torch and memory of our friends that have crossed over. Keep on truckin bro we are with ya. Tim

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