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Just wanted to share this......GREAT music from the 50's

Satilite Radio ????

Hey anybody know anything about "Satilite Radio" ? We just bought a new Saturn and it came with 90 days of FREE Satilite Radio.... I thought Ohhhhhh Boy, thats Kool, then I turned it on.....:sad: All I can find is ESPN Sports Crap, Blumburg money crap, CNN news Crap, I can't find any music anywhere on it ....I mean do people actually listen to that junk so much that they'd PAY to subscribe ?????????
I wanna find a station that plays good Do-Wop and 50's/60's music. So whatta I gotta do ???? I guess I could burn a handfull of CD's and pop em in the player while I'm drivin....But the wife and I don't share the same ideas in music.....Earphones? Then I'd look like a punk kid....... :eek: "BH"
i had te sirius at one time, when it first come out... i liked the oldies and they had an elvis only staion, a beatles only station.. alot of good music on there.

on the siruis radio i had, you had different sections to go to.. like news/ sports/music/talk shows then there were sub menus.. like music/oldies or music/elvis or music/50's.. when i hit the music setion there was about 15 or 20 different stations or more, anything from classical to head bangin rock and anything in between.
to add, with sirius you can also listen on your computer, you go to there website and have to create a login, and you use your subscription info if i remember correct..

on the computer i listen to kool105 out of colorado, good oldies station..
Yep I have XM on my lap top..I love the """COMMERCIAL FREE "" music with out all that other BS ,,:D
TV Fred,,, Heck I truly quit watching TV 2 years ago,,I got fed up with all the commercials . If I want current events I just log on to MSN.Seems my yard work dont take near as long as it used too and looks better most of the time now ,,LOL:)
Baby Huey said:
I must have XM.....All the channels say XMXXXX, I guess I gotta figger out how to tune it in.....Thank's ! "BH"

I enjoy mine a lot... paid 3 years up front to get $9 a month rate.... great 50's station(XM5), as well as other decade music... LOVE the bluegrass station as well!

Jump on in BH... the technology is fine! :eek:
when i bought my truck new, sirius had a deal going for $500 for lifetime membership, i was afraid it would fail and go under so i didnt do it.. i kick myself now, i dont think they even offer that deal now...

but it would have been nice to do it, and then get a docking station for your T-bucket, your daily driver, if you own a boat, one in the house, and one in the garage...
I've had Sirius for about 3 years now. I bet I haven't listened to more that two hours of terrestrial radio since. I also have DISH network and the Sirius music stations are available there too.

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