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king pin lock bolt


I am working on the Hudson some more. The beam is an old mopar tube axle we just adapted to use the ford spindles. There is a bolt that is used to lock the king pin in place, but the bolt head really limits the turn. It is on the front of the axle not to the rear like old Fords. Do some of you guys use a set screw/bolt with loctite on aftermarket axles?
My Spirit front end has a set screw in it, I just made sure to put a bit of blue Loctite on it. Works fine so far.
The Ford spindle has a low spot on the rear of the backing plate flange. This is the contact spot for the king pin locking bolt/spindle stop. Is it possible to install the bolt with the nut on the back side of the spindle?

I was finally able to get a picture.
You might be able to find an Allen set screw that size at Fastenal. If not, another possablity would be to drill and tap the back side of the axle boss for a set screw so it lines up with the low spot on the spindle flange. Either one of these should give you the clearance you're looking for.


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