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last weekends deer-induced-damage ... FIXED ... with pics

so this is what we started with


caused by this (taken 2 days later, on the trip back home)


so saturday we start ripping it apart to put the "new stuff on ... so we can go camping for the weekend (sat-mon)






we get it all together and fire it up ..... and it starts to bleed


well .... guess saturday night is a bust, so we go have some drinks at mikes place and invite some people over, have some fun, and go back at it sunday

1 gallon of coolant, 2 feet of hardline, 2 feet of hydraulic rubber hose, 8 hose clamps, 6 light bulbs 2 shoe laces, 2 beers and some packinging tape latter and all systems are go


James relaxing at the campsite later on:


James playing a little bit in the sand:


all in all it wasnt a bad repair. for $120 my buddy is getting EVERYTHING the truck needs, including the parts that activate the front diff for 4wd, and a new tailgate (both common problems)

then its time to build a new front bumper ... something that WONT crush nearly as easy (4" ID schd 40 pipe) and throw the new skid plates on, along with some 32" tires & spacers so they fit

i also have to make some real radiator mounts, as this core support was cut some to move the rad forward to fit a 350 in the truck its off of ... no biggie
On a pickup I used to have I made the rear bumper out of 4" XX. Yea, it was heavy, but you couldn't put a dent in it ! :)
i know we have some surface rusted 4 x 6 x 1/4 laying around the shop, about 15 feet worth, i would prefer to make the bumper out of that if i could. add some nicely formed wrap around ends, recess the front turns into it, and build a heavy duty brush guard for the grill / headlights

whatever he wants i guess .... but it might mean the difference between free material and material i have to pay for
Lowroller on my K5, I used 2x5 1/4 wall for a bumper. for your Jimmy you could use 2x4, taper the ends and it would look pretty good. :cool:

i was thinking of 2x6 for the bumper because of how tall the stock bumper is (over 6" from top to bottom edge

2x6 could be mounted flush with the bottom of the frame horn whitout leaving to much gap between the bumper and grill shell. Id suggest modding the frame some to get a better approach angle, but then Id have to rebuild the front body (rad support) mounts and id have to make a new front skidplate too

shoes and socks belong to mikes little brother

I got about 10 ft of rail road track you can have;)

makes a darn fine front bumper:eek:

Cool repair, LowRollerChevy! And the photos are killer! Nothing like having a sense of humor when life tosses you the big one.:)

So, you know you need to paint a deer silouette on the front fenders... right?:D
the old bumper is going up on my buddies bedroom wall, and the 3 of us that were in the vehical are gonna sign it and stuff ...

when the first cop showed up on the scene i explained the situation as "we got into a fight with a deer" to which he responded with "looks like the deer won"

i quickly responded with a "well the deer went down after the first hit, so i think that means he LOST"

and when i asked wtf just happened, and my buddy told me "we hit a deer", my first question after that was "did it lick the windsheild?" .... a reference to when my buddy joe hit a deer w/ his dodge neon ... deer slid up the hood and literaly licked the windsheild as it slid over the fender and back onto the road. a site that we later found absolutely hysterical.

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