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Let me say thanks to all of you!


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So many times, members will contact me to thank me for this forum. And I don't want you to think I don't like to hear it, but now it's my turn. I want to thank each one of you for participating on this forum.

Yes, this place manages to eat up a pretty big chunk of my time each day. However I am blessed to have some excellent forum staff members that are taking on large chunks of the daily responsibilities upon themselves. So to the entire forum staff, I want to thank you for sacrificing your time to support this site.

Whew, look at all the activity taking place around here. And for that, I want to thank each one of the participating members. There is a strong sense of community in this forum and that is down to each one of you. Heck, this isn't my forum, it's your forum. And look what you have made of it. This is the site I was going to close down, a little over a year ago. In December 2006, I decided this was a bad idea and made up my mind to use the forum license on another domain. Every time I see how busy this place has become, I'm thankful that you changed my mind.

And what can I say about our forum sponsors? They have each stepped up to support this site with their advertising budgets and that is a tremendous vote of confidence in this site and its future. Spirit Industries, Ron Pope Motorsports, HRK Fabrication and Total Performance. They are helping this site grow and I hope each of our members and guests will remember these companies when shopping for parts. Support those that are supporting us. Or else! ;)

Some members contacted me about making donations to help offset the expense of running this site. And I found that to be another tremendous vote of confidence. I know how our own expenses are rising at incredible rates, yet people still want to invest in this site's future? It leaves me in awe of what all of you have put together around here.

You're going to notice some changes around here. I decided (with the help of the forum staff members) we could no longer let these generous individuals' financial contributions go unnoticed. This page will provide explanation for these changes.

When you look at the What's Going On module on the forum home page, you're going to see some names appearing in different colors. Here's a quick legend for you-

Forum members are what make this site tick, as they share their knowledge with others.

Forum Sponsors are the ones you need to visit when it is time to purchase parts for your T-Bucket project.

Forum Donors are the ones that are helping us to grow this forum with their hard-earned dollars.

Forum Moderatorsare the ones that sacrifice their free time to help everyone out, around the forums.

And to all of you, no matter your level of participation, I offer you my sincere thanks. Always remember that you are the T-Bucket Forums.
Tfeverfred is the guy who brought me here. I inturn asked a couple of others that I thought would be an asset to the site. We are growing fast and I'm so glad to see this.

Webmaster... I can't imagine what you've been going thruough this last month or so, what with all the changes and associated problems. Please accept my thanks and graditude for all of your efforts. We have a great forum here because of you.

Gotta thank Youngster for getting me on here, but all the people that give time to make this place work deserve thanks.

It's hard for me to find time to just make posts, I don't know how you find time to keep the whole thing going!

Ya know, I can't remember what the heck I was Googling the day I found this site, but I'm glad I found it. I have said it before, but I'll repeat it for the newer guys. There were DAYS when NOTHING would get posted and for a while, I almost thought, "What's the use?". I was already on a couple other sites, but they barely scratched T Buckets. So, I stuck it out. I'm so glad I stayed. Now, there are evenings when I log on and there are so many new threads, that I can't read them all!

I have to thank, Rick, Thomas and last, but not least, Mike and the Webmaster. Heck for a while, it was just us!:D It seemed like we were the only ones working on these wonderful cars. Here's a pic of where I was at in my build when I joined up.

Man, how time has flown. I'll be celebrating my one year anniversary here next month and maybe I'll be celebrating the first legal road trip too!:lol: So, thanks for not giving up, Webmaster and Mike.

In closing, I also want to thank all you guys who stopped in and gave this site a look see and a life saving breathe of air. I have met so many cool people on here and look forward to meeting you all in person. I also predict the day when this site promotes it's own cruise and on that day, I will have to do what I have often said shouldn't be done in Hot Rodding. Shed a tear. Of couse, I'll say it's from the wind coming over my windshield.;)

I found this site when I renewed my membership in the NTBA. I had been away from the NTBA for a while, and while reading posts found TfeverFreds post about this site. Many good people here that contribute information on T's. I'm glad to be a part of the friendly , fun, and informative Tbucketeers site...
Youngster and TFeverFred got me over here, and i couldn't be happier.Turns out they were my first 2 customers too :D

keep up the good work everyone, this HAS to be the friendliest forum Ive ever been on.

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