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let me throw this out there....


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i'm really new to the whole t bucket world.I was wondering if its just as" cool" to have a fabricated fiberglass bucket bodied T verus a steel body T, and what would you rather drive.?jj:rolleyes:
Most T Bucket guys will accept your car and YOU for what you are... cool. What your "skin" is made of will not make a difference.

That being said, sure, if you can get your hands on some steel and have the skill and or resources to do her up... more power to ya. The coolest thing about these cars is the freedom of expression that you have. No rules, man. We're not like a lot of '32 guys that will ignore you or talk behind your back for having a 'glass car, but we will smile when we see ya having fun. THAT'S what it's all about.

As for my choice? Anything small, loud and FAST. If I'm ever at a meet and I catch some guy trying to hold a magnet to my car.... he better be a judge at the AMBR show or Cameron Diaz. Insert obligatory photo of Cameron:

It only matters to the uptight. :hide:As far as time savings, I honestly don't think there is any. Either way you have to do a bunch of work, unless you get lucky and have a friend with an extra body and all the wood is done and the doors open. I guess I'm only that lucky. :lol: :D
tfeverfred said:
Insert obligatory photo of Cameron:

Thanks Fred! That'll help me get through the rest of my shift.
that's nice to know.when i used to show up at car shows with my 70 nova with the wide tires and jacked up and blower sticking out the hood i would get looks.not always nice.but with the bucket when i open my garage door i get sooooooo excited!never felt like this with any other car and i've had a few.what i have noticed is that the car is really small is this normal? and having a radio cool?or not cool???
Yup, they are small, but you can get extended bodies. I'm 6'3" and got used to it very quickly. One day, I put a boom box in my T to try and have some sounds on the road. I had to turn it up so loud to hear it, that I would have embarrassed to be sitting at a light.(Dubmobile?:lol:) I guess it would be cool, if you were sitting at the park or something, but I never used to sit that long. You get the engine tuned right and get a nice set of pipes, you'll have all the music you need.
cool fred.if i wanted to change the body style from the 27 t turtle back would a 23 t bucket fit or would the wheel base be too long.?i like that little box (trunk)look behind the bucket look too.jj
jjsticks said:
cool fred.if i wanted to change the body style from the 27 t turtle back would a 23 t bucket fit or would the wheel base be too long.?i like that little box (trunk)look behind the bucket look too.jj

I'm no expert (there are lenty here, though), but from what I have seen, I think the '27 is longer. I'm sure someone will jump in to set us both straight.
Down here, tin bodies are few and far between so you just expect buckets to be made of tupperware.

Back in the 70s when buckets were everywhere, our fibreglass guys had about three different size body molds. Most couldnt tell the difference until the cars were parked nearby.

I have seen a 23 t body with a 27 cowl which gives lots more footroom if you are building a "modified" style T as opposed to a "fad" style T. In the former you tend to sit in the car and in the latter you tend to sit on the car.

One tip on building a bucket tho - begin with the end in mind. Plan what you want it to look like and go like and build to the plan.

A bit of this theme, and a bit of that theme, and shortly you have something that cost heaps & looks cheap.


PS despite what some say, you CANT have too much power:D
the 23 body is shorter but not by much. the turtle deck is where you'll run into problems. think about this though, a 30 bed and you'll have a t like the old monogram big T only for real.


JJ, Add what you think is cool,you will be the one that has to drive it.
I got the pictures of the NTBA Nationals and looked at all the buckets
i could find on the web,picked out what i thought was cool for mine.
i add to mine has much as i can. Good Luck
I got more grief from people about haveing a chevy engine instead of a "ford in a ford"
These are fun cars use which ever would be fun for you
now i couldnt see a "original" model t with a fiberglass body thats cheating but a t bucket is no factory model t
well i just purchased what i think is cool,couldn't be any better than that guys.but sounds in the car would help.thanks for your input.jj
How much room you get in your bucket is also a function of the seat arrangement. Higher seats give your legs a place to go, lower seats (as on the floor) mean that your knees will be higher than your ass. It's a matter of preference. The '27 (if it's a glass body) can have the seat set back into the area under the rear deck, whereas a '23 is restricted by the contour of the rear body panel. As for tunes in the bucket, I agree with you. Gotta have 'em. My current build has a big amp in back, 8" woofers and chambers that go from behind the seats, inside the door panels, and out of grills in the kick panels.
Re: Cool

this question of 'glass vs. steel has and will go no as long as that option is available. For the beginner the 'glass body is a God sent. you can work it with the most bacic hand tools to perfection. steel T bodies are 80 some yeas old now. rarely will you find one that time hasn't destroyed the bottom 4" of the body. and then you have ones that someone has adapted to their own use, got one of those in the shop now.

you mentioned cool. the only person this car has to be cool for is you. build it for yourself at your skill level. let me assure you, you aren't going to please everyone. the cool thing about many T's are their simplicity. keep it simple and well detailed and the praise will come from those that matter.

that's the end of my motivational spiel for today!

I built my car to make me happy, not to meet the expectations of every guy that thinks he knows better then me what I should have done. I find that most guys making harsh comments or being critical have never really built a car. I had a radio in my bucket back in the early 70's for a couple of years but ended up taking it out. I could never hear it, besides nothing sounds a sweet as a small block approaching 7000rpm with open headers.
Thats what i'm thinking Tman,how am i gonna hear it.getting ready to flame the t tonight.laid it out last night.i'll take pics and post them.having fun before i really get it painted.just flat black now.had my old car painted and i was scared to park it i'm looking forward to spring!!jj
JJ, car looks great, is the skull in the back a brake light? would like to see
a pic of rearend.I am going to add radio once i get everything else
done. Good Luck C

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