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Lobsters . . .

Next year. It is a long trip from AZ but we want to go. Anybody out there like dog sitting?
We are planning on a return visit next year! We had a GREAT time in 2019!!!
Ben Bateman (white bucket w/ blue flames) posts on fb: "Thank you to all that came to our 2021 Lobsta Run. The last of the cars were just loaded into their trailers and then the skies opened up. Good timing! Hope everyone had a good time and look forward to seeing you again."

Lob32.jpg Lob20.jpgLob7.jpg
It was an awesome time !!! Ben and Jeremy did a whale of job planning this one ! What a
feast we had on the last day .... lobster and clams (fresh off the boat), kabobs, hamburgers,
live band, dancing !!!

Unfortunately, they are planning on skipping next year so they can attend and enjoy some runs.
Which is well deserved !

I have plenty more pics when I find my camera, but here are a few from my phone.


Sorry it took so long to get back around to posting more here. I had a funeral video, wedding pics
and the Lobsta Run videos/ pics to get done all in about 10 days after I got back from Maine.


Star of the day was this tow vehicle that Jeremy has been working on for Neal. It's made from two
old firetrucks and is powered by a Duramax Diesel engine. It run and drives as it is now.


Wow ..... Jeremy and Ben even had a live band for us !

DSCF1020.jpg .
Thanks for the photos. Looks like a good time and great scenery. To bad they have to have all that water around.;)

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