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Long Cars Rule

Sweet !
I attended a car show a number of years ago, and while there, some guy pulled into the lot in a street-ified rail job with a blown engine and zoomies that was just wicked. Everyone o-o-ohed and a-a-awed over the thing, but I never did get to talk to the guy to learn more about it. They are definite attention getters!

(This is not it, but similar.)

Long wb T.jpg
Dang it !
They also get better with Photoshop ! Just pick the size you like !!!
You might have to make your browser window wider if the pics don't progressively get wider.
With the bigger pics comes more distortion, so at some point they are less appealing ..... your decision!

Changed the Brightness and Contrast, then ran a Sharpening filter on the last 2 pics and finally resized the image.

1st pic - 800 x 421
2nd pic - 1000 x 526
3rd pic - 1200 x 631


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