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Looking for info for 1960's fiat gas altered - Ted Brown


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Hi all, I was sent this way from the H.A.M.B. board. I'm posting for my dad (Bill). He is looking for info on this car. Its a possible Ted Brown. Run as a gas altered with injected Chevrolet in C/A or B/A. Later coverted with a blower to attempt bb/a and it could not compete with the Chrysler hemi's. Car lived its life at Lions, Irwindate, Orange County; last ran 1980 at OC.
Ted Brown said:
Nope, You already know I would not put the tie rod out front..hehehe It would make a fun street car... :welcome: Sorry I am of no help here.. Good luck finding the builder, someone has got to claim it... Thanks for thinkin of me.. :D

Ted, I was seriously gonna write that (tie rod out front). Just couldn't find a way that didn't sound like a smart @$$.
Love it!! hehehe I am such a bitch, I need to lighten up on that, as many rides work fine, as long as they don't turn. :welcome: Like a Friend said when asked,, your ride is soooo low, does it scrape the ground, He said, only when I drive..
It's not exactly like I disagree with ya on that one... went to a lot of effort when I drew it all out to make sure it would be in the back and clear the radius rods...

ya might need to wear your :cool:

they do make a cool street ride ted. there was a black one here in the mid '70's with an early olds in it. saw it 2 or 3 years at back to the '50's then it was gone. very cool!!

Hey Guys, and Gals hopefully, I think I really need to explain just why I get upset whenever I see tie rods on a straight axle, mounted in the front. Looks is just a personal thing and does not really count, by anyone except the owner, like what some call strange colors, it is their right, if you don't like it, don't look at it... Right?
Anyway, back to the real reason for mounting the tie rod in the rear as it was designed to be there for a reason... what reason? FLEX in the tube... A good example to show what I mean.. Take a 1/8" rod and you can hang a ton of weight from it... BUT, it will not hold up even it's own weight standing in that position, FLEX... I know, you will say a tie rod is much stronger, and it is, BUT, it is still going to FLEX a tiny bit under the load of the tires rolling resistance... Hence there is that 1/16" to 1/8" tow-in that will really go away, and let the tires roll straight, no tow-in as it is designed to do, as with the tie rod in front, it is not going to stretch (like that 1/8th" rod) so, the tow will not change now as it is supposed to do, so then maybe the front wheels experience that death wobble, or maybe a bit more wonder or?? It just can not do the same thing in that position, as it is sooo much stronger in a pull mode, rather than the push mode... Maybe the settings can be corrected and made to be right a rolling speeds, as many people seem to be driving that way, I sure hope so at least... Another point, over the years I have been backed into by those that do not look carefully behind before backing, and if I had, had my tie rod out front then, I would have been real upset that now it is not straight, so a tube with a bend in it, now has waay less strength, so it now needs to be replaced, you give it a starting place, and it will fail a lot easier, steering is not a place you want failure, I have seen the results of it, too many times, not a pretty picture...
So, Please understand where I am coming from, and forgive an old guy and His weird rants now and then, as I do it for you, not me... Thanks for reading and hopefully understanding.
PS, Just think of what a tiny bit of steering box loss ness can do, so can a bit of flex. I will not mention it again..hehe I hope :)

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