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Looking Like A Car !!!

I hope you don't mind, Datona. This will save the others time in looking it up.:)

Oh! It's looking sharp, man! What paint scheme will she be when done?
WOW, looks great already! I hope to have mine to this point by the end of the summer. Just got my radiator off ebay from superior set up for the SBF for $200:razz:. All brake parts are in, engine is set and grill shell is on the way. If I could sell this BENZ I'm driving, I could have more money for the Bucket.
Looking very nice there Mike. As soon as it warms up just a little bit, I should have mine looking like that.

thank you everyone
those ae just mock up wheels and tires
my billit specalitys street lites are on the way
we are going with a lightning bolt theme
bolts starting at the lower firewall
and going up around and onto the dash
and down the sides

new name T-Storm

and thanks fred :) your so good at that
datonamanmike said:
and thanks fred :) your so good at that

It took me quite a while to figure it out and I'm STILL not sure if I'm doing it right!:)

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