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Lowrollerchevy is stuck in columbus ohio with a wrecked truck ... help

went to a concert in columbus, hit a deer @ 70mph on the way down, now we need a way to get the truck back home cheaply (AAA?)

if ANYONE can help out in any way, the phone number is ***-***-****, call and someone will answer

we have a ride back to buffalo from a friend, so thats not a prob ....

I called at 10 this morning and got no answer.
Well he called me back so i gave him my AAA gold card number and codes so lets see if he gets it towed back home.I have unlimited miles so lets see.
The number he posted is wrong here is the right number----1-716-572-4656
yea, i posted the wrong number when i posted this thread.

i also called my house when i ment to call my buddy alex, and later called my buddy mike when i was trying to call alex, this weekend really beat the snot out of me

i just got in, its a 5 hour drive and we picked up the uhaul at like 6pm, a mere 10 hours ago. :eek:

Rick, thank you VERY much for the try. If it had ben my own AAA card and they had told me "only 100 miles" when in fact i knew it was unlimited, there would have been hell to pay, but it wasnt my card, so i had to be civil

Uhaul on the other hand will be hearing from me tomorrow :lol:

still a weekend to remember forever though, seeing the Stone Temple Pilots in concert for their first show in 7 years... omg yes ....
Glad i could at least try to help Bro.Hope the concert was worth a totaled truck.LOL
well my buddy just went and picked up the parts he needed .... $120 for everything, including some interior parts, a chunk of the frame rail, and a replacement rear bumper (previous damage)

so the damage cost $471 for the uhaul, $155 for gas to drive it, and $120 in parts

$746 ... ugh ... and the $471 is a loan to my buddy right out of my own pocket

oh, and the AAA site currently says that "AAA plus RV" only covers the first 100 miles, but alot of people ive talked to in the area (as i know a bunch that actualy work at an RV dealer) are under the impression that its still unlimited milage

im guessing that at one point it WAS unlimited (or allowed way more miles) and AAA changed it w/o really telling anyone
yea, standard is about worthless, unless your the type that doesnt own a wrench, in which case the nearest repair shop is usualy within 20 miles anyways

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