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Lug bolt length


Recently I installed new 2" x 7/16ths. lug bolt studs, the same length as the ones that were currently in the front billet hubs. When I tightened them down with a lug wrench, while mounting the wheels, they punched holes in the backside of the hub, which I had to have rewelded and machined. I had the local NAPA store order me a set of 1 3/4" x 7/16ths. studs, but when I received them, they had the same length of hub mounting thread. Only the wheel-side threads were shorter. Can I just cut off and shorten the original 2" studs. When I approached NAPA, I was told that for safety reasons, they do not make a shorter hub-side shorter thread length, than the one I intended to use. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

If the hubs are one-off items, it's possible the uilder didn't take the length of the stud into account. As a rule of thumb, i try to use the size of the bolt as the thread engaugement. A 7/16" stud would have a minumum of 7/16" engaugement then.


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