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luggage trailers

Ya know a lot of guys are simply buying those $200.00 cheapo trailers and bolting on a roof top carrier of some kind.... Quick and simple.
I'd like to build a nice one for mine, I don't need a Coke Cooler $$$$$$$$$$ just somethin that would hold a couple suit cases and a couple spare tires, a roll a way full of tools and a floor jack and a couple stands. Maybe a set of main and rod bearings...Xtra clevesis and Heims, another spare ring and pinion....Just a few little things incase I break down ....."BH":rolleyes:
You must be talking about those bolt together ones from Harbor Freight. That is ok but I would like a little classier body than a plastic utility box. Any ideas.
Google 'street rod luggage trailers'. A ton of them will pop up. I just did a search and found several that looked pretty nice
I think a model a style pickup box would be a good trailer. Just buy a couple of the glass t boxes, trim 'em up and bond 'em together.
You might look at the trailers built to pull behind motorcycles. They tend to be small and light.

If you want something a little larger try Champion. They make a Mullins copy, too.

IMO The Muliins just looks right behind a rod.

Champion Luggage Trailers

I saw this one at SEMA last year and then found a dealer and got one. They were not cheap about 2 G's but it has the right scale for a bucket. It is being painted now (and has been for a few weeks) but I think it will work out fine.
BTW it was made to pull behind a motorcycle.



iron duke said:
Who are the manufacturers of small luggage trailers we can use behind our T buckets? Thanks Iron Duke

I've seen a couple that use one of those $200.00 trailer frames from Northern Tool and then they bolted a Diamond Plate Tool Box to it. There's a guy in northern Arkansas that used a polished SS fuel tank from a Big Truck, cut it half and hinged it on one side. I've also seen coffins used along with various Old Soda Ice boxes.




HOLLAR AT SPIRIT IND. THEY HAVE THE T BUCKET REPLICA BODY THAT MAKES A GREAT LOOKING TRAILER. its small and has a rad shield. al and gail witlow has the green t and he made the trailer for it bad

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