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LumenAl's Photo Journal


Well, had a little trip... all in all went real well... Didn't take enough pictures but what the heck...

The route was 250 miles round trip and covered three passes... Stevens Pass, Bluet Pass, and Snoqualmie Pass.


First stop was the 59'er Cafe for Breakfast after crossing Stevens pass..


Then it was time to let the ladies do some shopping in Leavenworth...

Leavenworth was officially incorporated on September 5, 1906. A small timber community, it became the headquarters of the Great North Railroad in the early 1900s. The railroad relocated to Wenatchee in the 1920s, greatly affecting Leavenworth's economy.

The city struggled until 1962, when the Project LIFE (Leavenworth Improvement For Everyone) Committee was formed to transform the city into a mock Bavarian village to revitalize its economy. In this same vein, Leavenworth is home to the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum, which opened in 1995 and contains more than 5,000 nutcrackers dating from prehistoric to modern. Leavenworth's annual Oktoberfest celebration is claimed to be one of the most attended in the world outside Munich, Germany. or the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest held in Ontario, Canada where attendance last year (2006) was expected to top 700,000.
In November 2007 Good Morning America went to Leavenworth for Holiday Gifts for the Globe where GMA helped light up the town for the Christmas Holiday. Leavenworth was also named the Ultimate Holiday Town USA by A&E.

From there we went to La Toscana winery... yep... a little drinking and driving! (We behaved)...


Here we are parked on the lawn of this small and very charming place... He does about 5000 bottles a year from here... he was the first of what has grown into 30+ wineries in this region.


(Note: A young man taking picture of the T-bucket!)... Anyway... it was time to head over Bluet Pass to The Red Horse Diner... an old Mobil station all fixed up nice and serves up some good food.

Here we are in the parking lot... I thought I took a picture of the front, but guess I didn't... :confused:


Well... after some food, it was time to hit Snoqualmie Pass and call it a day...

Now I know lots of you guys put way more miles on, but I can tell you with the mono-leaf spring in the rear... 250 miles in a day is going to ware ya out!... So we are near month 17 of completion of the car and I crossed into the 4000 mile mark! :buttkick: Keep in mind this is the Pacific Northwest up here! :rofl:
That damn car looks so good sittin with the big boys.I never get tired of looking at your car Al
Yeah...what Rick said!!!! She's an awesome piece of rolling furniture!!!

Looks like you had a really great road trip. She looks like she's in good company. Provin' she's a driver in style!:D
AussieT said:
Thats a mean looking beast Al. What running gear does it have??

High compression 327... camelback 202 heads... fun little motor... cranks out a ton of power! Completely refreshed, and updated with comp cam (268H), screw-in rocker studs, push-rod guides, roller tip rockers, chrome moly push rods, etc...
hi al.i'm new here and i was wondering what is the tire combo your running on your T. is looks sweet,i like the wheels in the front.thanks jj
Thanks JJ!

I'm running Dayton Wires made for Total performance:


Every street rod part and kit you need

As for the tires... I use Metzeler tires...


Now is this important... I use tires designed for the rear of a motorcycle because they are a little tougher compound, flatter profile, and tread patten goes the right way for the front of the T (see how small front tire in picture above reverses the tread pattern)...

The size I use is 130/90B16M/C REINFTL 73H ME880

Show us some pictures when you have a chance!
Man you are very lucky Al,,down here we can drive 250 miles and it is still flat and no scenery and the only pass we have is is is welll I wont go there,,
Fantastic car by the way
LumenAl's Photo Journal - Truck Project

Well for the last three years we've (mostly my friends Dave and Rick and I) have been working on a 37 Chevy truck that spend over 40 years in a pasture in the the pacific northwest, so to say the least, it was rough!

So anyway, last few weeks been hitting it every Tuesday and Friday evening and then Saturdays... Last 3 months just prepping all the stuff for paint...

Last week, we attacked the small parts and door jambs with DP90 White base, then House of Kolors white, then onto 3 coats of House of Kolor "Tangelo Pearl"

Here are some shots...

Getting ready to start... (That's Rick... he's the main shooter in the bunch)


Off course... had to setup out ghetto booth ventilation!


Shooting DP90

Shooting House of Kolor White

Then wait...


Then onto 3 coats of color



the Pearl is really comes out nice with the clear coat...


I will say this... this is a VERY DIFFICULT paint to work with without a professional style paint booth!
Re: LumenAl's Photo Journal - Truck Project

Then this weekend we shot all the big stuff...

After shooting DP90 white primer, we shot House of Kolor white

Then onto the House of Kolor Tangalo Pearl

let it setup overnight then today we shot the first coats of clear... we will wet sand this week and shoot final coats of clear next weekend




It is so cool to see this thing in color... it's been so dang much work to get it here... this week we will wet sand with 2000 grit and shoot the final coats of clear! Yes, then more wet sanding and on to 3 stage polishing, but NO MORE BODY FILLER and sanding over and over... then we can get on to my favorite aspect of the project... assembly!

My buddy Dave must be very trusting... he let me pick the color and now I'm working on design of interior... Man it's too cool to spend someone else's cash! :D
Looks good Al. Great color.
I sold a guy in Wenatchee a pair of rear fenders for a '37 chevy pickup.
Re: LumenAl's Photo Journal - Bike Trip 2008

My buddies truck we are working on... 37 chevy... as of of this weekend...

Getting it's first bath... many areas still just color sanded...


Then of course... time to dry...


and front view... down low... :lol:


and just finished installed wood and Polished SS strips...

Everythings looking very nice Al, the new T, the truck... I guess Ill be seeing you this weekend so you can start working on mine.:lol::lol:
Man, that's a beautiful truck! I love that color.

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