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May I introduce a true T-Bucket pioneer ...


I realize this is a bit unconventional, but I would like to introduce to the T-Bucket Forum a friend who is legitimately a T-Bucket pioneer. Ted Brown was a young hot rodder from Minnesota who heeded the advice to "go west young man" to seek fame and fortune. Man, was he ever successful!

After arriving in Southern California, Ted had the opportunity to see Norm Grabowski's "Kookie" T-bucket at the famous Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake and "was totally blown away". "That car is what got me wanting to build those types of rods," Ted said recently. But first Ted went into partnership with another legendary chassis builder, Chuck Finders, and contributed to the success of many of the nationally successful A/Gas Supercharged cars of the day, including Stone Woods & Cook, K.S. Pittman, Jr. Thompson, Hamberis & Mitchell and, my personal favorite, the MGM-C & O Hydro AG/S Austin pickup.

About 10 years ago, I bought a set of the California Custom Roadsters (CCR) T-bucket chassis plans. I was particularly taken with the CCR logo image with its rakish lines and sleek top.


Not too long ago, I was looking at an old Rod & Custom from the early 70s and noticed an uncanny resemblence to the CCR image in a Ted Brown Chassis ad.

After researching my old magazines a bit more, I then made the connection. The first ads for the CCR plans, which ran in 1973, referred to "Plans & Data for building the famous Ted Brown/Bill Keifer Chassis." I then learned that Ted established CCR in 1971 with Bill Keifer as his partner; the CCR plans were Ted's unique, original design; and Ted was eventually no longer given credit for his unique frame design which was built by CCR into thousands of T-buckets and by plan set purchasers into many more thousands (estimated at 4000 T-buckets in 1977). Net result, in my opinion Ted Brown is perhaps the most influential, yet totally unrecognized, T-bucket chassis designer of all time.

Today, Ted is "retired" in Bakersfield, CA and still driving his T-bucket which has racked up over 200,000 miles and its chassis has been home to a variety of engines, including Buick nailhead as well as big block and small block Chevys.

Ted expressed that in his retirement he would be happy to share some of his years of T-Bucket building and chassis experience and was glad to learn about the T-Bucket Forum and is eager to get to know you all and become a contributor. Ted is not one to "blow his own horn" and, therefore, I felt it might be best for me to "pre-introduce" him.

I know you like pics, so I'll post a few for Ted.




Ted will be registered and online with the Forum shortly, so please welcome him and fire some of your T-bucket and chassis related questions his way by posting here. Thanks.
Wow thanks for the heads up cant wait to read some of the posts. Very interesting artical thanks.
Impressive bio, and sounds like a very down to earth kind of guy. Cant wait to read some of his stuff!!
It just dont get any better than this ! 200,000 miles :eek: Lordy !
and all I want to do is get the first 50 miles on mine ,,LOL
Well now, All you guys sure do know how to make a fellow feel Welcome.. Thank You very much, and Please remember that You are all probably better at this computer than I am.. hehe Some of this is greek to me, but with your help, and I will surely ask, maybe we all can learn a few new tricks... As far as Roadsters or any rods go, I have tested them to the limit! Broke everything I could, then went bigger and stronger where needed to make them last on the street... I also built many AG/S cars, but they still do not take the punishment that the street will dish out.
SO, Please feel free to pick my brain any way You like, I will give You my honest opinion, whether or not you like it, that is up to you. I hope you do, as I only want You all to have cars that will be safe and last many miles on the street without all the problems that I went through.
Thanks again for making me feel Welcome.
Ted Senior just call me Ted
PS, My Son is also named Ted Brown, goes by Ted Robert on MySpace... If you like, I will post my MySpace address later??... I have many pics posted there...
Hello RocknT,
Let me tell you something, the first 50 miles are by far the hardest to get through without crashing into something, as these type cars are just like a loaded 44 Mag pistol, with a hair trigger, in the hands of a baby, so to speak.. At the slightest touch of the gas pedal, these cars move car lenghts, not feet like a normal car. SO< Please learn to drive using both feet at the same time, always keep one foot on the brake when ever parking or close to another car or a non movable object, be ready to stop in an instant. Or you will be rebuilding something you do not want to have do again.. Like a front axel assembly, new raidator, radius rod??? You nail it, it will break, or bend... These cars are not made to crash, in any way. So, Please be more than careful, do not try to impress your friends with super quick starts until you have many miles under your belt/foot...
I think you get my point...
If you would like me to see if your car is safe to drive, I will look at all your pics and tell you what I think..
Best of luck, and enjoy the best (most fun) ride of your life! Ted Brown

Glad ya made it here and a real big...


You know Norm G has showed up to several National T Bucket "national meetings... I will have to assume your paths have crossed more that once:lol:

Anyway, I think it's really cool of ya to come hang your hat here from time to time and look forward to your comments in the future...

Lots of very cool T's here... budget T's, old school T's, Track T's, a Volvo T under construction in Sweden, Fad T's, one over the top Twin Blown Huge block masterpiece by Ron Ginn called NasT II... and that's just to name a few... anyway, enjoy!:thumbsup:
Thanks, I wrote a reply to my intro, but have yet to find it?? I am a real dummy with these things, till I get the hang of it all... and when I type, I hit the key next to the one I want a lot of the time, so it looks like I am really out to lunch.. hehe Please bare/bear?? with me..:}
Hi Ted and welcome to the T-Bucket Forums!

We have a spam filter on this forum and it watches the first few posts from new members for potential words or strings of characters that might indicate the message is spam. You had just used a word the filter trapped, that's all.

I just approved the post and you'll see it up above. And in a few more posts, the filter will release your account and it won't cause any more problems.
I got to thinkin about what I posted, and was going to go back in and take out my e-mail address, as I figured that all the answers to questions are for "all to view" on this forum, not just one person... Like I said, I will get the hang of it soon, I hope, and by all means let me know if I screw up.. Just have been used to dealing with folks, one on one lately...:eek:
Welcome Ted, Don't worry about the little things. We are a forgiving bunch. It's good to have another experienced set of eyes around. Look forward to seeing your pics.
I wondered if that was "THE" Ted Brown when I saw a post reply. Welcome I have "YOUR" plans (the best ever). You'll have fun here.
Welcome to the forum Ted, I'm looking forward to reading anything you post.
Ted Brown said:
I got to thinkin about what I posted, and was going to go back in and take out my e-mail address, as I figured that all the answers to questions are for "all to view" on this forum, not just one person... Like I said, I will get the hang of it soon, I hope, and by all means let me know if I screw up.. Just have been used to dealing with folks, one on one lately...:eek:
Welcome to the forum I been trying to get my hands on a second hand set of YOUR plans for a while now!I'm in the process of building a 27 T roadster pick up with 4 cylinder ChevyII/Mercruiser drive train.
Hello Al, I spent a couple of hours last night lookin at all your build pics.. You spent a lot of time and money redoing that Roadster, sure looks nice now, glad you won that throphy, after all that work, Love that color, Red means HOT ROD! Sometime if you like, I will tell you about my first thoughts about these type of Rides, and all that I also thought was needed to build one, the years and miles have taught me much.. I hope I can save some fellows some money and lots of time as they begin to build a super FUN T Bucket, or Roadster as I like to call Her... Have a grand 2009, Ted
welcome, if i remember correctly your T is the one that has fascinated me into wanting a T for a very long time, it has the right stance and persona that has stuck in my mind ever since, glad to have you here, and again welcome to this site. chaz
Ted Brown said:
Todd, Is it alright to post my MySpace address here?? as I have a ton of pics and info there already, and it is open to the public... and how do I get to see your projects and such?

I don't see a problem posting your MySpace address. Put it in your signature, that way it always comes up.

The car in my avatar is one of your frames (so I was told). My buddy owns the car now. Youngster put the chassis together for me years ago. I have a 27 body that I picked up from him last fall. I'll put in the links to those threads. I am also helping my son with his '53 Willys pickup on a '92 dakota 2wd chassis.

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