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Miss Behavin' for sale....


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..., maybe. It all depends on what the finance company at the car dealership says.:) This f'ing sucks in a MAJOR way. Here's what's going on.

My mom drives a '98 Ford Crown Victoria. The damn intake manifold is made of PLASTIC. Well, a leak developed where a water fitting is. Seems the plastic cracked. The mechanic, who is no longer a friend, suggested replacing it, along with a whole load of other crap. All in all, about $1,500 worth of work. After doing all that crap, he FINALLY discovers that it either has a blown head gasket or a cracked head. Bottomline... WAY too much for my mom to afford. This damn car is nothing but a ball of wires and computer chips under the hood. It really pisses me off!

I had to break this news to my mom today and she was literally in tears and I can't blame her. Being on limited income, she did not need to hear this news today.

So, while having to pay off the jackass who did the worthless work to the car, I have to come up with a good down payment on a new car. A freaking Toyota whatever. I went to the dealership this afternoon and filled out the forms and Monday I'll know if everything went through. The salesman says I should be able to get it for no money down or worse case scenerio, I'll have to come up with a $1,000.

Bottomline, I'm going to have to let Miss Behavin' go, if I don't hear good news on Monday. The sale of Miss Behavin' will go quick because I'll have to let her go at a dumping price. I just won't have the time to pussy foot around. I'm thinking about $5,000. Yea, way less than what she's worth, but I just need the damn cash.

So, stay tuned. It was a good summer while it lasted.:sad:
Don't push the panic button yet Fred, let's see what Monday brings. Think it out, sometimes the obvious answer may not be the best answer.
Trust me, Duke, I'm not trying to panic. I'm just playing out the scenerio that is in my head. I went for a drive tonight and just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm trying to be hopeful. I just needed to vent. You guys are my friends. I just needed to get this out of my system.
Sorry to hear of your misfortune Fred.

A few weeks back I read the entire story of your build, so I feel like I kinda know you, even tho Im at the other end of the world.

But I do know a bit about money (aside from how to spend it) so without being rude or uppity can I respectfully suggest the following:

  1. Dont sell your bucket as you will always regret it
  2. Look at another car for your mum from, say, an auction house where they are cheaper than the dealers
  3. Try and buy without finance as finance NEVER works in your favour
  4. Look at your other stuff that you could sell instead of your bucket
  5. Look at your mums stuff to see if theres anything surplus there that could be sold off - stuff that she wouldnt miss too bad
  6. Do you have other family who could sell stuff to help your mum?
  7. Can you get another part time job?
I have heard a lot of people who regret selling their hot rods but not too many who regret selling other stuff to keep their hot rods when the chips are down.

I hope it all works out okay for you

Hot Rod Todd
Fred, don't sell. No matter what. Find another way.

But if you do have to sell I'd be first in line to buy 'er.

My uncle lost his wife of 25 years and we've been trying to get him a good bucket to keep his mind off of stuff.

Ya better not sell... I'm sure you'd regret it FOREVER... but if you have to, ring me first please. Keep in in the family at least right?
tfeverfred said:
.The damn intake manifold is made of PLASTIC. Well, a leak developed where a water fitting is. Seems the plastic cracked.

The problem with the intake was a recall item in the late 90s. Ford's reply when I got my notice was that they wouldn't replace it unless it failed. Unfortunately when the intake on my 96 T-bird with 4.6 V8 failed the recall had ended. I didn't press the issue but someone I knew years ago filed a complaint with Ford and got some or all of their costs reimbursed even after the recall on whatever their problem had ended.

I don't know what Ford considers the life of a car but I would raise some hell with them through letters or through a lawyer and see if I could get them to give you some or all of your money back. If I remember correctly the person I knew who got the reimbursement complained to a district service rep and that person had the authority to set things right.

Worth a try. I would take each no answer to the next higher level until I either got the answer I wanted or was satisfied that I had exhausted all avenues.................Steve
tfeverfred said:
Trust me, Duke, I'm not trying to panic. I'm just playing out the scenerio that is in my head. I went for a drive tonight and just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm trying to be hopeful. I just needed to vent. You guys are my friends. I just needed to get this out of my system.

Hang in there buddy. If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, you're looking to hard. Kind of a forrest for the trees thing. I hope it helps and you can find a way to keep the bucket.
Sorry to hear this. You wanted it so bad and worked so hard to get it.

I hope you can find another way. I sold a Harley Electra Glide that I had completely restored during one of those "need the money now" times and have regretted it ever since.

Your bucket is worth more than $5000. The missed enjoyment most of all.

Good luck. I hope for the best for you.
Fred, In your case I'd do the fight with Ford first. I hate to see anyone on hard times. Most all of us have been there at one time or another. Our toys are the first to go. Just try to hold out for top dollar, that will help to build another. I sure miss my 48 Chevy PU.
Fred...DON'T SELL!!!! Look for a good beater car for her. New is bad, even with incentives! You can do a lot of repairs for the cost of a new car. If you must finance, finance the repairs.
Fred...I'm so sorry to hear this. Just don't be to hasty in finding a way to work this out. Give it a week or so before you put Miss B on the block. I agree with Steve and the others. Go after Ford! If this problem generated a recall and they won't do anything about it, check with your Texas state attorney. That's some serious horse power. You might be surprised what they can do for your Mom.

If worse comes to worse, put Miss B on E-bay. You know she's worth a whole lot more than 5 grand! With all the sites you participate in, she's become somewhat of a celebrity. If you have to let her go, at least give her a chance to pay you back buy bringing as much as she's worth.

Please know, we are all pulling for you and your Mom.

Ditto what Youngster said.Thats so sad.Your a heck of a dude Fred i hope she dont go.BUT!!! think of it this way with the extra money you could get a good start on the Racer you want to build.
Don't SELL !! You'll be sorry the rest of your life !

Trade that POS Furd off for a Hyundi....

Never trust a "friend" for a mechanic, it makes for bad relationships.....Although IMO, he'd have to get the car "fixed" and running FIRST to be able to find the leaking head gasket... :eek: "BH"
I was in a similar situation about 6 years ago. I ended up selling my 68 Camaro RS and to this day regret it. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I have seen the work you do with the Vets in your area and being one myself I thank you for that.

check your pm.

Doesn't anyone read spark plugs anymore?

First off, let me thank all of you for your suggestions, advise and offers. After a good nights sleep and some calm thinking, I have come up with a way to solve my problem.

I came to relise something, that in my initial rage, I had forgotten. Cars break and they sometimes don't tell you where the hurt is at first. You'd think I would know this already, considering some of the stuff I had to go through with my T Bucket. But my mom being in a bad spot kinda blinded me. In the past, my mechanic friend has worked with me on paying off repairs in installments. I think if I sit down with him tomorrow and have a rational, calm talk, and throw some cash at him, he will do it in this situation also. My worry is that the amount of the repairs, may cause him to balk on the idea. I'll just have to wait and see.

My boss is going to come through and advance me some funds to help out. So, what I hope will happen, is that my mom uses my daily driver until her car is repaired and I'll just take the bus to work, etc. I still may get the new car, if I can. Because, well, she just deserves it and it will ease her mind. If all this happens, I'll be able to keep my T Bucket. Things will be tight for a while, but I'll get through it. Hell, I may end up having her car as my new daily driver. We'll see.

I'll keep you guys posted and thanks again for all the advise and support. Having a calm head, makes one see things a little clearer.
Man oh Man... still getting caught up on reading posts and came across this and about crapped my drawers! I was really pleased to see that after of night of decompression you were able to think of some other avenues or solutions... Man to Man Fred, you will hate yourself if you sell Miss Behavin'... you just got her done and are now enjoying the fruits of your labor... there must (and always is) another way... Just think to yourself, what would you do in this situation if Miss Behavin' was never built and go from there... looks like you have some ideas cooking already. Best wishes to you my friend...

Fred . . .

I just joined the forum, but take if from a guy who sold his bucket 20+ years ago for similar reasons and has regretted it every sense. Sell it only as a last resort . . . and if you do have to sell it don't give it away. It sounds like you have a lot of the forum members thinking positive thoughts for you so keep your chin up and do the same. And let us all know the good news tomorrow.

Skullman (Bob)
Hi Fred,
Sorry to hear about your Moms car problems. If it turns out you need to buy a different car for your Mom, I can supply you with some accurate information to help you make a good decision. I have owned a new car dealership for the last 14 years and worked for Chrysler Corporation for 13 years before that.
If you are looking at a new car, many dealerships will sell the car at a low price and make a large profit on the financing or by paying less for a trade-in than it is worth. If you are looking at a used car, I get daily updates on what vehicles are bringing at the wholesale auctions across the US. The market has change drastically in the last few months on used car/truck prices.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of deception in the retail car business. Let me know if I can help.

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