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Model A Axels


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A guy at work told me about a guy having a yard sale with car parts so i had him get a list of stuff he has.I got the list and he is a roundy round builder (stock car)but is buildind a 50 year old sprint car or something and he has 2 model A axels for sale one has,spindles,and spring perches for $175.00 firm.The other is a Model A axel only for $95.00 firm.He said the condition is 1-10=a 9.There shiny black and ready to go.also has 3 original wire wheels.A stock wish bone for the front but it has a bent tube on one side.If any one wants to talk to him he is in Michigan and his name is Dale his number is.1-810-794-5815.Hope someone can use these as they are in VERY good condition.

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