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Model T Burnout

I did that with my old T once when I first got in on the road. Totally by accident. I had a 3.71 gear in it. I made a left turn leaving a stop light. I ended up heading the other direction. I learned to have the car straightened out before I jumped on the throttle.
The guy is running some kind of giant channel radius rods. I think their aluminum. Could be wrong.

I think the whole car is aluminum. The title of the clip is "Hot Rod de aluminio". I assume that's Portuguese for hot rod of aluminum. I seem to remember a link to a Brazilian site was posted on the forum a while back that had information on this car.
I wonder if his horn plays the south of the border rumba.
I wonder how long it took him to realize he blew the oil filter off ??:eek:
MY first T bucket had a 6 turn lock to lock steering box so I calculated the steering linkage to use all 6 turns...On the first burnout I couldn.t turn the steering wheel fast enough to correct things. SCARY !!
Yeah, jumping on the throttle of a t-bucket is kind of like shooting a pistol; point, aim, squeeze, bang! :lol:

I remember when I went to pick mine up; the seller told me to take it down the street. I punched it, and darn near ended up in his neighbors front yard. :eek:

betcha he locked the engine up before he noticed the oil filter was broke off..
Turn left to go right. The supplier sent a 4 X 4 bin of steering gears with Mercury internals to the Ford truck assembly plant. The Bolts all fit but when they came off the end of the line the next step was to turn right to the Dyno and headlight aim operation. Instead it ended up in the seat cushion build up area. some older mopar's share castings between cars and trucks but steer oposite.

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