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Money Money Money......


Well I spent a small chunk of change at Speedway. But Now I'm getting closer....

1-2553253D COIL-OVER SHOCK KIT+$369.99
1-91031306 BRAKE LITE SW.-LEVER TYPE+$6.99
1-91031810 25FT ROLL STEEL BRAKE LINE+$14.99
1-91046221 SHORT SHOCKS-GAS-PLAIN+$44.99
1-91052862 SLIMLINE BEAR JAW LATCH+$12.99
1-91064001 WIRE HARNESS 20 FUSE-23 CIR+$149.99
1-91652820 BUDGET HINGE+$49.99
1-6178565 S.S. BANJO LINE KIT+$49.99
1-91031345 PURPLE RESIDUAL VALVE 2 PSI+$14.99
1-91031347 PURPLE RESIDUAL VALVE 10PSI+$14.99

Sub Total: $739.88 + Shipping= Total: $761.71

And $155.00 plus $13.00 shipping at E-Bay for the New with all senders in the box Dolphin Gauges...

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Along with the new chrome headlights and 14" electric fan. Well there went some of my tax money. Hanging on to the rest for closing on my new house and land. Of course the paint for H-Ace-T.:biggrin::hooray:
A good example of how it's very hard to build a cheap T. Very little on that list were options and none was overpriced but still almost a grand. I hear alot of people that want to build a T but can only spend 2 or 3 grand, this post show how tough that can be. Maybe others (unless there trying to keep it a secret from someone :eek:) could post a price list so that newbies could look at the highs and the lows before they get too involved and are disappointed with their efforts. Now before anyone gets excited I know you can build a good inexpensive car (my first one was under 2 grand before interior and chrome which jumped it to over 5 grand) but little things sneak up on you and before you know it your scratching your A$$ saying where did I ever get that much money to spend. And of course we never count the time to put one of these thing together either LOL.
Just my thoughts
I think it is possible to build a nice T for $5000. This would be the same T that they were building several years ago for $3000. You would have to pretty much do all of the work yourself.
I have been keeping track of everything i buy for my T. Ill post a list when im done. I got a spirit stage 3 kit and got the stuff to finish it from speedway. I didnt get any chrome or billet and no fancy stuff that i dont need. Just the basics, and im over 7k already. And im not gonna count the motor or trans that i already had. Im thinking the only way to build one for less is to use all used parts that you score for cheap from someone. Mine will be all new except the motor, trans and rear. Im thinking ill be around 8k when im all done unless i decide to get stuff powdercoated or painted. Right now its gonna be black spray paint for everything.:)
The other day my Son got a box from Pete and Jakes, just some small parts he had ordered for the front suspension on his RPU. He looked at the receipt and it was for $ 440.00 and the box was VERY small. We haven't chosen a very cheap hobby, have we? :eek::)

When I was building my 27 years ago it got to the point where I would almost get physically ill when I would write one more check. It was like it was never going to end. But when you start it for the first time and drive around the block, all of that disappears somehow. :D:D

IT"S HERE.......I felt like a kid at Christmas.... I got ALL my stuff today from everyone. I got my Speedway stuff in 2 boxes, My headlights from Ebay in a box, (And man they look GREAT) way better than $76 and my gauges.......well what can I say They are PERFECT and a heck of alot cheaper than ordering from any company or swap meet. The add was correct. All new with everything needed to make the install easy. Let the party begin.:D:):hooray::yay:

Now where does the wire tie go on these coilovers?:confused:
Well if you want to build on the cheap side, MONEY OUT! You must build it all yourself... Not buy everything from this place and that, they all have to make a living, just not off ME! So, build it all yourself, and use stock car parts, they work just great, some need a little mods here and there, but in the end, you will have a great riding and handeling Rod. Only thing you buy. are raw materials that you can not build. steel, etc. anything with a hotrod label, will cost waaay tooo much... been there and seen that! Like all the customers that came to me for help... I just showed them how to do it themselves, the right way...

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