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More on 4-bangers


Anyone noticed the 4 banger in the Aug Street Rodder? Built by Joe Fontana, it's an alluminum block beauty based on the Chevy ll 153ci.

Apparently there was a 4-banger article in the May SR that I can't get my hands on. If anyone has it, I'd really appreciate a copy.

Right now, 4's are just an option for me....still leaning toward my 283, but I've got about 8 months yet to make a decision.
I got the May SR, There is a Tech article on building a better banger. PM me your address and I will send it to you.
That 283 with a stock WCFB carb will give you around 220 hp. The mileage is going to be real good and the resale value will be excellent.

The 4 cylinder will give you excellent gas mileage but the resale value will suffer.

Which excellent do you want?

Yessir Ron, that's quite the trade-off. Now I'm more confused than

The deciding factor will probably be knowing SBCs backward from the days when I was slightly bigger than they're dirt cheap to rebuild, even better than dirt-cheap for the 350ci kits.
I am working on my 22 right now and have a pepped up iron duke with a 350 and 3.42 gears in the rear. I expect decent milage and great performance. ID
all-world1 said:
Yessir Ron, that's quite the trade-off. Now I'm more confused than

If you plan on selling it within 5 years, do the SBC. Want to keep it for quite a few years, do it the way you want. I still have a 4 cyl T in the back of my mind.
In March I bought a T with a 2.3L Pinto engine - my first T. Only drove it from the transport truck to the garage and it's been on jackstands ever since. It seemed pretty peppy on the short drive. The PO was pretty hard on it so I'm cleaning it up/modifying/tweaking and hope to be crusinig soon. The engine is pretty ugly right now so no photos yet but I hope to have that resolved in the next week or two.
I am building a track style T with a 2.5L four-banger & 4-speed from a 1987 Chevy S-10 pickup. With gas prices as they are now, I consider the 4-cyl a big plus.
I know a guy with a 27t that has a 2.3 ford f.i. w/turbo I have not seen it put through its paces yet but he tells me it really goes (he drags it)and gets good gas mileage if he keeps his foot out of it. ...Francis..will take some pics next time.
We just got back from the BASH and we took our tub. A little heavier than a bucket as it is a 4 seater. It has a 383 stroker with a 700r4 and a lock up converter, toggle switch on the dash. 3:73 rear and 26" tall tires.
This car got 21 MPG on the highway cruises. I checked it twice and both times it was 21.

Now the point is this thing makes about 400HP and get 21 mpg. How much hp will a driveable 4cyl make and what kind of mileage will it get? Last but not least is resale value?
Those are all very good points Ron, especially the resale. How ever, with todays interest in 4cylinders, I think we're going to see more and more of these built. There will still be a demand for hp, it just might come from smaller engines with fuel management systems.

Back in the 1985, I bought a Ford SVO magazine/catalog. The front had engine builds and other stuff while the back was Ford speed parts with part numbers. It was like the Sear catalog at Christmas but with engine, suspension and other goodies. One of the items was a 220ci 4 cylinder aluminum block which used 460 pistons, rods and one head. The cam was set up like an inline 6. I don't remember who made it for Ford and I no long can find that magazine. I've looked online but I've never been able to locate anything on the engine itself. I always thought it would be cool to drop that into a light weight car. 220ci with the valves of the 460, that would put out some top end with a supercharger or turbo.
How about a two banger:

I think that's a Harley motor in there. :cool:

My engine is coming along. The valve cover is from a Mustang that I removed the old black paint, polished and painted the red/blue colors. The air cleaner is temporary, made it out of aluminum sheet and as low as possible to clear the hood -a nicer one will have to be fabricated. More cleanup is planned. Unfortunately, no "before" photos. The engine is now running but I need to replace the front seal in the transmission before hitting the road.


Like I've said before have a fine looking ride there. Once you get it worked out it's going to give you a lot of pleasure.

Thanks, Ron,

I'm anxious to get it on the road. Now just need to install a new seal in the transmission and we should be ready to terrorize the neighborhood. :hooray:

That kicks butt! VERY nice install and detail. Very nice.
Hate to say it,BUT, I'm looking into a banger motor.Not sure if it'll
happen,but ya never know....

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