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More paint progress


More progress with paint and frame. I'm going to put some pin strips around flames. What color should I use?
Dear Lord, that is bright!:cool: I'm really at a loss for a pinstripe color. Maybe lime green?
Really looks nice. :):) Blue is the traditional color to pinstripe flames in. Pinstriping them really puts the icing on the cake. Word of advice, there are a lot of "pinstripers" out there, spend a few bucks to get a top notch job because I have seen some really nice flame jobs messed up by a striper who didn't understand what it should look like or who wasn't up to the job.

Your flames will pop when you get them striped.

Sweet :)
Red and yellow flames traditionally get Reflex Blue, but I like purple or lime green as well..

Nice flames.

beemryder said:
Purple. That'll make it pop, or your eyes, whichever comes first...

That might work. It would be something different than the traditional blue most guys use.
One color that looks nice is a med cream color. Sometimes a good pin striper will advise you to use 2 colors that fade into each other to represent depth. Anyhow, here is what cream would look like.


Give it some good thought because the pin stripe changes the whole look of the car.

Here is another one but notice the black airbrush shade.


It's both a fun and frustrating process hey! The thing with flames that I noticed over the years is nomatter the decision on the color odds are it will be really cool......good luck!

Hey Austin, I was just digging through my stuff and found a a great video on "how to pinstripe" If you have the time a patience it's very learnable and not as hard as you think. Depending on what type of paint you use it wipes off real easy so you can try again. After practicing on some plastic or the lawnmower etc. you can gain confidence and do your own.

Anyhow, I would be happy to borrow it out as long as you return it some day. That goes for anybody else also.

i would go with blue first , the lime green would be 2nd choice...

i can tell you what, you have a darn good taste in colors so far, so you choose :)

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