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More pics

rooster57 said:
A few more for your review.
Nice car Rooster but with all that jumping around how did you get anything done?:razz:
I know if i put all that energy in the car it would be DONE
Nice looking.....I see you did the same thing with the spark plug wires I did 8 years ago on my truck I built. I took a small plate and mounted the plastic seperaters. Man I thoght I was the only one...:confused::)
Awesome idea for the spark plug wires. Great attention to detail.
Move that pump away from the third member, or a big bump with destroy that baby, and you forgot to machine the top of the steering box for the oil seal, keeps the grease in and the dirt out. perfect alt. mount and engine mounts are good... another thing I just noticed, get a few guys and bounce hard on the rear frame member, to see if you bottom out the panard bar and pump on the rearend, or do you have a stop for that? like a stock rubber bumper... just a few things to think about, not a bitch... opps missed this at first, get rid of the heim joints on the radius rods, change to a 4 bar type mount, much safer and a smoother ride...
Ted where is a good place to get the 4 bar rod end for those. When i had the front cover off the steering box i cut an oring groove to seal the shaft and opted to keep the gussets on the cover. The pic is deceptive on clearence for the fuel pump. I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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